Gabriel Boric presents his government plan for Chile

With a series of progressive announcements and a great concern for the climate of violence that is experienced especially in the south of the country, the president of Chile Gabriel Boric He presented his first government plan. Boric stressed that he will present his long-awaited pension system reform and promised a universal minimum pension for all over 65 years of 250,000 Chilean pesos (about 300 dollars). In the Valparaíso Congress, a few days after his three-month term, the president did not evade the difficulties that his government has gone through and called for “achieving a deep understanding between the Republic and the peoples that inhabit it.”

The constituent process

At the beginning of his speech−which lasted just over two hours−, Boric abounded in “inequalities” when referring to the economic growth of recent decades, which he said ended up consolidating “a Chile socially, culturally and territorially fragmented”. For this reason, the president pointed out that the social outbreak of 2019 was not an isolated event but was “an explosion of multiple discomforts and discontents that were ignored or minimized for decades.”

“The Government has a duty to guarantee that citizens express themselves freely at the polls in an informed manner,” says Boric

“All together we decided to channel this discomfort through an institutional channel through a plebiscite where 80% said they wanted a new Constitution for Chile,” said Boric upon receiving the first applause from those present. Regarding the constituent process, Boric remarked: “On September 4 we will face a transcendental decision: approve or reject the proposal for a new Constitution. Both options are legitimate, and the Government has the duty to guarantee that citizens demonstrate freely at the polls in an informed manner”.

Announcements and aspirations

Boric’s speech was based on five axes: social rights, better democracy, justice and security, inclusive growth and environment. Among the most relevant announcements, the provisional reform was mentioned, which will begin in August and which, according to Boric, will allow anyone over 65 years of age to have a basic pension guaranteed by the State of 250,000 pesosa project to create a Universal Health Fund, in addition to the construction of 12 community mental health centers.

“The time has come to build a real social security system,” says Boric

“The time has come to build a true social security system and where our legitimate ideologies do not block the Chilean population’s need to have a decent pension,” said the progressive president during his first accountability in Congress. The Chilean pension system, established during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) and a pioneer in the region in individual capitalization, has been widely criticized in recent years for the few pensions it grants.

In addition, Boric announced that the plan to build 65,000 homes a year must reach the goal of 260,000 at the end of the mandate. For his part, he presented a plan for acquittal of the educational debt that suffocates more than 65,000 people por study at the university in a “gradual and fair” way.

Indigenous peoples and violence in the south

The president mentioned that during his administration the 200th anniversary of the Tapihue Parliament “between the State of Chile and the Mapuche people” will be commemorated. “I am convinced that the example of the old Parliaments can guide our new effort to achieve a deep understanding between the Republic and the peoples that inhabit it. We must be aware that this understanding will take time,” Boric said.

He then remarked “thatThe way to achieve this is dialogueobservance of the law, bidirectional respect and the rule of law that as president I have the duty to uphold”. Along these lines, Boric announced the reactivation of the processing of the bill that creates the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples and reiterated the land purchase plan.

Boric: “I have a duty to use all legal tools to guarantee the safety of the population”

Minutes later, he referred to the serious security crisis that exists in the southern macrozone and referred to the decision to decree the State of Exception, a 180-degree turn from what he had promised in the campaign. “I am aware that this measure does not solve the underlying problem, but as President of the Republic I have the duty to use all legal tools to guarantee the safety of the population.”

seven people died in the regions of La Araucanía and El Biobío (600 kilometers south of Santiago) so far this year, in a resurgence of attacks that have as background the claims of land that the Mapuche consider theirs by ancestral rights, and that today they are in the hands of forestry companies and farmers. The last of these attacks occurred last week, when hooded men attacked a group of forest workers with rifles, fatally wounding one of its occupants.

Boric mentioned that acts of violence cannot be normalized and he spoke again of a reform in the Carabineros (Chilean Law Enforcement and Security Forces). “The reform is for the institution and not against it. We have the active participation of thousands of officials who recognize the need for greater transparency, collaboration and review practices to ensure unconditional adherence to the rule of law and the protection of human rights,” explained the President of Chile.


Then the young president promised to make progress in the field of the environment, in order to cope with drought. “We promulgated the Framework Law on Climate Change, which implies a comprehensive transformation of the State to focus on climate action,” said Boric, who closed his extensive speech by assuring that he will try to give his all “so that, at the end of our mandate, we can say that Chile is a fairer, dignified and happier country.”


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