From Churchill to Truss, the 15 prime ministers who dispatched with Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II is the queen who has been on the throne in the United Kingdom for the longest time. From the time she became Queen of England in 1952 until the day she died she has seen Downing Street parade un total of 15 prime ministers, including three women: Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990), Theresa May (2016-2019) and now Liz Truss, current prime minister, with whom she has barely coincided for a couple of days. In fact, the last public act of Isabel II was to receive Truss in audience after she was appointed head of the Government this week.

In addition, with each and every one of them he had a different relationship. Churchill acted almost like a tutor to her. She had a relationship of friendship and trust with Labor Party member Harold Wilson. Perhaps with whom she had more tensions was with Margaret Thatcher.

For 70 years, each of the heads and heads of the British Government dispatched weekly with Elizabeth II. There were more than 3,500 hearings in which “never, ever was what the queen said to the prime minister or the prime minister to the queen leaked,” according to an expert on the British monarchy. Absolute discretion.

This is the list of prime ministers under the reign of Elizabeth II:

Winston Churchill (Conservative): 1952-1955

Anthony Eden (Conservative): 1955-1957

Harold Macmillan (Conservative): 1957-1963

Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative): 1963-1964

Harold Wilson (Labour), first stage: 1964-1970

Edward Heath (Conservative): 1970-1974

Harold Wilson (Labour), second stage: 1974-1976

James Callaghan (Labour): 1976-1979

Margaret Thatcher (Conservative): 1979-1990

John Major (Conservative): 1990-1997

Tony Blair (Labour): 1997-2007

Gordon Brown (Labour): 2007-2010

David Cameron (Conservative): 2010-2016

Theresa May (Conservative): 2016-2019

Boris Johnson (Conservative): 2019-2022

Liz Truss (Conservative): 2022


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