Franco’s new tomb, scene of twenty acts of exaltation of the dictatorship in four years

José Luis Corral could go to Mingorrubio with his eyes closed. In just four years, the head of the Spanish Catholic Movement (MCE) He has made an appearance at that cemetery on up to 20 different occasions, all of them accompanied by other far-rightists dressed in flags of the dictatorship. The reason has always been the same: honor Francisco Franco in his new grave.

This Tuesday marks four years since the departure of the dictator of Cuelgamuros, a measure adopted by the Government of Pedro Sánchez to try to prevent Francoist honors from continuing in that facility, which is state-owned and managed by National Heritage.

That October 24, 2019, the remains of the head of the dictatorship were taken by helicopter to the Mingorrubio municipal cemetery. Franco’s relatives, who tried in every way to prevent the exhumation, even proposed that the new location be nothing more and nothing less than the Almudena Cathedral. The Government rejected it.

The dictator’s remains have since been in the crypt of a pantheon that belongs to the State and where those of his wife also rest. Carmen Polo. The surveillance of the place is carried out by a private company hired by the public administration. The cost of this service, borne by the State coffers, amounts to 68,664 euros.

The fences that protect this pantheon are usually filled with flowers and Francoist flags. Not in vain, Mingorrubio is today among the hot points in the apology of the dictatorship in this country: according to data collected by Publicin the last four years up to 20 acts of exaltation of Francoism in that public space.


The calls have been borne by the MCE, the avowedly Francoist political party that leads Jose Luis Corral. In the Secretary of State for Democratic Memory They know very well who they are: this organization is among those charged with violating the new Memory Law following a rally held on November 20, 2022 in Plaza de Oriente.

Several people raise their arms during an event organized by the Spanish Catholic Movement (MCE) in memory of Francisco Franco in the Plaza de Oriente (Madrid), on November 20, 2022. Alejandro Martínez Vélez / EUROPA PRESS

On the agenda of the Spanish Catholic Movement There are two new calls in that same place before the end of the year: on November 20 and December 4, coinciding with the anniversaries of the dictator’s death and birth respectively, there will be “prayer and floral offering” in front of his grave.

Acts without sanction

The last act of apology for the dictatorship in Mingorrubio took place on October 1, when several MCE militants gathered in front of the Francoist pantheon on the occasion of the “Day of the leader”, name under which defenders of the dictatorship continue to commemorate Franco’s proclamation as “Head of the State Government.”

Since the Memory Law came into force, five acts of apology for the dictatorship have been registered in Mingorrubio

The previous visit had taken place in mid-July, in that case to exalt the regime on the eve of a new anniversary of the coup d’état. The far-right also go to the cemetery every April 1 to commemorate, in that case, “Victory Day.”

According to the data collected by this newspaper, since the Democratic Memory Law came into force, five acts of apology for the dictatorship have been registered in Mingorrubio. At the moment, none of them have been subject to sanctions.

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