France prohibits meetings on public roads on New Year’s Eve and speeds up the third dose

MADRID, 18 (.)

The French Government has banned public meetings on New Year’s Eve and has expedited vaccination with the third dose to contain the infections of the omicron variant.

The Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex, announced this Friday, within the framework of the Health Defense Council, that fireworks or meetings on public roads will not be allowed in the New Year due to the coronavirus, according to information collected by the French newspaper ‘Le monde’.

“Meetings and alcohol consumption on public roads will be prohibited and we will invite municipalities to renounce fireworks,” Castex has detailed. In his opinion “the fewer we are, the less risk we will run.”

He has also advocated promoting vaccination and for this, the health card will become a “vaccination card” at the beginning of 2022, specifying that a bill in this regard will be presented in Parliament at the beginning of next year.

Next week a preliminary consultation will begin on this legislative project and on “any other useful provision to extend vaccination as far as possible,” said Castex.

On the other hand, the French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, announced this Saturday that the third dose of vaccine will be mandatory for health workers and firefighters from January 30.

“We are going to strengthen the obligation to vaccinate health workers and firefighters by integrating the third dose from January 30. We do not want, as in Scotland, that we have between 25 and 30% of caregivers who could not work because everyone they would be in contact and therefore in quarantine “, Véran explained to France Inter, where he confirmed the existence of” several outbreaks of hospitalized by the omicron variant, particularly in the Paris region. “

So far, France has registered 240 cases of omicron and is facing a fifth wave of infections a few days before the Christmas holidays.


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