France activates a crisis cabinet in the face of the drought that the entire country is suffering

The French government has decided to activate a crisis cabinet to deal with the “most serious drought ever recorded” in the country. Currently, 62 of the 93 departments are in red alert for lack of water. the prime minister, Elizabeth Bornehas asked citizens to “pay attention to the use of water resources.”

Successive heat waves are aggravating the lack of rain in recent months. Born has pointed out that over a hundred French towns They no longer have drinking water. The Prime Minister also explained that the supplies are made by tanker trucks.

The crisis cabinet aims to coordinate the necessary security measures, such as the supply of water to the municipalities or the delivery of drinking water. In addition, it will monitor the repercussions on the most affected industries, such as the agricultural, livestock or energy sectors. Some restrictions have also been announced to guarantee “priority uses of water”.

“France has suffered the driest month of July in its history”

The Minister of the Ecological Transition, Christophe Bechu, has been concerned about the number of municipalities that need drinking water. The departments are working in coordination with the Government to guarantee the supply, according to what he has assured.

Béchu, via Twitter, stressed that “France has suffered the driest month of July in its history” due to “a rainfall deficit of 88%”. The Ministry has pointed to the climatic crisis as the main responsible for the modification of the “water cycle”.

In areas such as the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, the drought has left the rivers and aquifers at their lowest level. The Government Delegation of the area warned that, if measures were not taken, they could face “great difficulties” in the supply of drinking water as of September.


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