Forward Andalusia, before the vertigo of the relay of Teresa Rodríguez

“I started in 2014 in the Europeans, we are in 2022, it’s eight years. It’s important to look for a replacement for my role. We are in a position to put a relay on the table. My management body pulls me to stay a little longer. In that contention, that relief will soon be “. Teresa Rodríguez, spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía and regional deputy, stated this Tuesday with those words that her idea is to leave the Andalusian Parliament.

For now, Rodríguez has not left the Chamber – one only has to see his agenda these days and his political activity in networks and media, in addition to the parliamentary one – and according to the sources consulted by Public, it is not decided when will: the matter is not closed in Adelante. When he leaves the seat, his position will be occupied by the next on the list for Cádiz, former deputy José Ignacio García, trusted by Rodríguez. For a while, according to sources, he could reconcile party leadership and her job as a high school teacher.

Their withdrawal of the parliamentary front linewhich has already been raised on some occasions, causes severe vertigo problems in the match. The feeling of orphanhood in Adelante before the march of a political figure of weight and the flashiness of Rodríguez is enormous. His leadership is certainly very difficult to replace (his face was on the electoral ballot last June) for a newly minted formation. Sources from Adelante assured that the final decision belongs to her, that it will be hers, but that it will be discussed in the formation bodies.

These words of Rodríguez, who has said them on other occasions, have to do, according to the sources consulted, with his defense of an ethical coherence that, if necessary, would be incompatible with continuing indefinitely in politics institutional. And his teammates know it. The context in which his words came, however, is different from that of a while ago. After José María González ‘Kichi’ resigned from running for mayor of Cádiz again and with Rodríguez’s eight years in the Andalusian Parliament on the horizon, which will take place next April (she entered after the regional elections of 2015) it was inevitable that they sounded goodbye.

Adelante Andalucía is a sovereignist projectin which various currents coexist, along with the Anti-capitalists, some to the left of the historic Andalusian Party, now defunct, and which, once it has obtained two seats in the Parliament of Andalusia, is a major strategic objective, in addition to the municipal, enter the Congress of Deputies in the next general elections, at the end of next year. To do this, they consider it essential that his main political asset along with Kichi be involved in that campaign.

Eight years

Rodríguez landed in Andalusia at the head of Podemos after the March 2015 elections, after having passed through the European Parliament. He obtained 15 decisive seats because Susana Díaz’s PSOE did not obtain an absolute majority. Those elections threw two paths for governability: or a PSOE agreement with Ciudadanos or a PSOE agreement with Podemos. The Socialists, after three failed investitures, and in the absence of a horizon of agreement with Podemos, opted for an alliance with Ciudadanos.

Rodríguez and Díaz had them stiff From the first moment. The lack of chemistry (a meeting in San Telmo from which Rodríguez left “astonished” marked the relationship between the two) and her rejection of hegemonic socialism at that time marked the legislature, in which Andalusia turned towards the center of the political table, after of three years of co-government of PSOE and IU.

Rodriguez made a hard work in opposition to the PSOE de Díaz, in which he managed to place, for example, in the front line of battle, the protection of Doñana and the privileges of the deputies. Throughout that legislature Rodríguez was forging a alliance with all the left, singularly with the IU of Antonio Maíllo, a force with roots in numerous municipalities, which led to Adelante Andalucía, an ambitious project that sought to be an alternative to the PSOE on the left. The operation ended in electoral failure because its 17 seats were irrelevant. The irruption under the radar of Vox in a campaign to the taste of the right in which Catalonia had more weight than expected, together with the pull of Ciudadanos, allowed the PP of Juan Manuel Moreno to govern.

The legislature that started in 2018 lived the implosion of Adelante Andalucía. Rodríguez left the direction of Podemos in Andalusia and an affectionate video with Pablo Iglesias was recorded for the occasion. Then everything went crazy. The Relations with Podemos and IU in Andalusia, rarefied by the entry of these parties into the Government of Spain with Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE and his idea of ​​disassociating himself as much as possible from the power of Madrid, led to a traumatic rupture. Rodríguez and his related deputies were expelled without warning and violently from the Adelante parliamentary group, which they shared and which Rodríguez presided over.

An appeal was presented to the Constitutional Court that has not yet been resolved and Rodríguez and his family embarked on the adventure of rescuing Andalusianism from the autonomy drawer and they succeeded: Adelante Andalucía won two seats in the 2018 regional elections.

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