Former deputy and presidential candidate Oleg Tsariov sentenced to twelve years in prison ‘in absentia’


The Ukrainian Justice has sentenced this Tuesday the former deputy and presidential candidate Oleg Tsariov to twelve years in prison ‘in absentia’ for “anti-Ukrainian” activities in the middle of the Russian invasion of the territory.

In a statement, the Shevchenkivski district court has indicated that the defendant has also been disqualified from holding public office for three years or running for electoral processes.

Judge Pavlo Slobodianiuk, in charge of the case, has thus asked the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, to withdraw the former deputy’s order of merit that was awarded to him in August 2011, according to information from the Ukrinfom news agency.

In this regard, he explained that Tsariov had engaged in “anti-Ukrainian” crimes and activities, especially given Russia’s “aggressive war against Ukraine, which began in 2014 and has now entered a scale of genocide against the Ukrainian nation through the looting, harassment and violence against the population”.

The judge has accused him of “taking an active part in inhuman activities against Ukrainians together with the Russian Army and posing as a member of a charitable mission.”

The case against him dates back to 2016, when he was also accused of having participated in a meeting of pro-Russian citizens in which he publicly asked them to take “measures to change the Ukrainian constitutional order” and “modify the limitation of the territory.”

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