Former AMAN chief: The world looks at Israel as a country that has deviated from its path

Zain Khalil/Anatolia

The former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Service, Aman, Major General Reserve Amos Yadlin, said on Saturday that the world views his country as “a country that has derailed.”

This came during a cultural event in the “Amik Hafir” area in central Israel, in light of the escalation of the internal crisis in Israel against the background of a controversial government plan to reform the judiciary, according to the Hebrew newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.

“The world’s position on Israel today is the position of a country that has deviated from its path, and our geopolitical and strategic situation is in a big problem,” said Yeldin, who held the position of head of the “Aman” service between 2006-2010.

And he believed that “as long as (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu remains preoccupied with reforming the judiciary, and with (National Security Minister Itamar) Ben Gvir and (Finance Minister Bezalel) Smotrich, this may affect our standing in the world.”

More than two months ago, Netanyahu announced the temporary suspension of “judicial reform” bills, to allow for reaching understandings on them with the opposition, and since that time, talks have been taking place between the opposition and the government coalition under the auspices of President Isaac Herzog, without any signs of agreement on the horizon.

The opposition says that these projects “aim at weakening the judiciary, especially the Israeli Supreme Court, and turning Israel into a dictatorship.” For 23 weeks, it has been organizing unprecedented weekly protests throughout Israel to demand the cessation of these projects.

In another context, the former head of “Aman” touched on reports that the United States is promoting a nuclear agreement with Tehran.

He said during the same event: “Iran with a nuclear bomb poses a threat to Israel, but this is not the end of Zionism, because the talk is about a balance of terror and deterrence between two countries that possess nuclear weapons.”

Diplomats from Iran, the United States and 5 other countries have been negotiating for months in the Austrian capital, Vienna, about a deal to re-impose restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for lifting economic sanctions that former US President Donald Trump re-imposed after Washington withdrew in May 2018 from the nuclear deal signed in 2018. 2015.

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