Follow the right clamp – media progress against Irene Montero

We have already seen that on Wednesday the PP staged a row in Congress because they cannot bear to listen to the Minister of Equality defend the ideas and the feminist perspective, neither more nor less, because what Montero said is nothing other than what feminism has been saying years, even the most institutional feminism: that the responsibility for rapes cannot be placed on the acts of the victim, but must be placed on the acts of the aggressor.

But it is not only the PP: this Thursday there is a lot of content in the big mediaboth in the media right and in the progressive press, who coincide in beating Irene Montero and blaming her for the fact that the PP bench started screaming and kicking in the middle of the government control session.

That’s basically what it is. But nothing, you will see that the fault of the right insulting and kicking is the witches of Equality, because we already know that “who sows winds gathers storms”, as the PP said about the political violence received by the Ministry of Equality. (Actually, this is basically the same thing that the Xunta de Galicia poster that Irene Montero criticized did: place the responsibility for verbal violence on the person who suffers it and not on the person who exercises it. Because who started shouting and insulting in Congress, Irene Montero or the PP? The PP, right? Well that).

Deep down, what is behind it, I believe, is the will of some to build a collective state of mind and a mental framework, that of “noise” and the “polarization”, that says something like: here the problem of Vox is Podemos, if these reds and these feminists were not in Congress and in the Government defending their ideas, then it would not be necessary to resort to the reaction of the extreme right; the problem is “the extremes”, neither deporting migrants nor housing law, nor fascism nor feminism: bipartisanship. And extraordinary placidity. Let everything go back to the way it was before.

That is what is behind it, and that is why we listen to people like Patxi López and other PSOE figures, and also to the voices of progressive media, trying to build that frame, because they consider that it benefits them electorally. What happens is that, in addition to being indecent, what it contributes to is preventing changes in this country.

That will have been, as you said, the historical role that these people will have played in trying to scratch off four votes. Anyway. One more example of what I humbly consider contributes to this, again in The country. Article by Xosé Hermida. Headline: “New brawl in Congress: Irene Montero goes from attacked to provocative.”

Well no. Right next to this article by Xosé Hermida, he had published another one that went in the completely opposite direction. It is signed by Isabel Valdes. Headline: “What is the culture of rape that Irene Montero talks about”. In the room, The country explains in detail what this means feminism concept. This is the last paragraph: “Rape culture is, according to the UN, omnipresent.” “It’s etched into the way we think, talk and move through the world. And while contexts may differ, rape culture is always rooted in a set of patriarchal beliefs, power and control,” and naming it “is the first step to banish it”.

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