Florida Governor Ron DeSantis makes official his candidacy for the White House to compete against Trump

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantisofficially announced this Wednesday his candidacy for the Republican Party primaries for the United States presidential electionsscheduled for November 2024.

“I’m running for president to lead our ‘Great American Comeback,'” the Republican said on his Twitter account, shortly before his conversation took place on Twitter Spaces – the social network’s audio chat service – with the platform CEO, Elon Musk.

However, technical problems in the application have delayed the event, which, according to moderator David Sacks, was due to the high number of users waiting to listen to the conversation, thus “melting down the servers”.

Hours before, DeSantis had presented the necessary documentation to attend the Republican Party primaries. Despite the lack of officialdom of his campaign, the governor of Florida ranks in some polls as the favorite option among Republican voterseven ahead of the former president donald trumpwho nevertheless dominates in most demoscopic studies.

Since his resounding victory in the Florida gubernatorial elections last November, where he was re-elected, there has been speculation about his participation in a Republican primary marked by the presence of Trump, who is running for the third time.

So that, DeSantis aims to unseat Trump, his former mentor, as a Republican candidate for the White House. Other prominent Republican figures such as former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, Senator Tim Scott, former Arkansas state governor Asa Hutchinson, or businessman Vivek Ramaswamy have also confirmed his candidacy.

From the Democratic Party, the President of the United States, Joe Bidenannounced at the end of April that he would seek re-election in the 2024 elections in order to “finish the job” started in 2020, when he managed to unseat Trump from the White House, despite unfounded allegations of electoral rigging by the latter. .

Vows to lead the US to a “great comeback”

“I’m running for president to lead our great American comeback,” DeSantis wrote on his Twitter account, accompanied by what is his first official campaign video for the Republican primary. In the video, he highlights that in Florida his administration has chosen “facts over feareducation over indoctrination and law and order over disorder and riot.”

During his hour-long conversation with Elon Musk and tech entrepreneur David Sacks, a DeSantis campaign donor, the now-presidential hopeful laid out many of the postulates in favor of freedom and against “ideological indoctrination” progressive, premises to which he already appealed during the campaign for his re-election as governor.

“If they nominate me, I will do the job,” DeSantis promised in a talk followed by more than 300,000 people in which he promised to reverse the Biden Administration’s immigration policies, among others, and did not keep hints against Trump: “The government is not entertainment It’s not about building a brand or pointing out virtues.”

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