First consequences of the failure of the extreme left in Chile: Boric makes changes in his cabinet

After the resounding defeat of the new constitutional textv defended by Chile’s extreme left in the “Plebiscite of Exit 2022”, the president of Chile was forced to carry out a profound remodeling of his cabinet that affected relevant figures, including the ministers of Inside, Izkia Sichesand the Presidency, Giorgio Jacksonin addition to the political committee.

Gabriel Boric appointed new interior minister Carolina Tohamember of the Party for Democracy (PPD), from the center, and daughter of Jose Tohá, Prime Minister of the Interior in the government of ousted President Salvador Allende. As Minister of the Presidency, the president chose Ana Lya Uriarte, a woman from the Socialist Party with an extensive career and political experience

Jackson, one of the men closest to the president, a partner in the student protests, remains in the government as the new Minister of Social Development and Family, while the epidemiologist Ximena Aguilera joins as the new Minister of Health. Also joining the Executive is Diego Pardow, a member of Social Convergence, the same party as the president, as Minister of Energy, and Silvia Díaz, an independent close to the PPD, who becomes the first Minister of Science in the history of Chile.

Controversy in the undersecretary

The announcement of the changes and the inauguration ceremony were delayed for more than an hour, apparently due to the controversy that sparked the appointment of the former student leader and member of the Communist Party as Undersecretary of the Interior. Nicholas Cotaldowho became the shortest deputy secretary in Chilean history.

Shortly after the news was known, members of the opposition and the local newspaper “La Tercera” rescued from social networks, mainly Twitter, messages from Cotaldo in 2011 in which he harshly criticized the military and accused them of infiltrating the protests. , torture and exceed their powers.

Cotaldo was going to replace Manuel Monsalve, a prominent member of the PPD who sounded like the new minister of the Presidency, and who after Cotaldo’s dismissal – whose appointment had been made official by the Presidency – remained in office.


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