Firefox extends the option that automatically sets HTTPS protocol in Android

MADRID, May 3. (Portaltic/EP) –

Mozilla has released the 100th version of its browser, Firefox, in which it has implemented new features and expanded services such as the Android function that automatically switch any address to HTTPS to promote privacy during the connection.

Firefox 100 offers a wide range of new features that will be implemented globally, including new features for iOS.

One of the most relevant is intended exclusively for the version of the browser for Android, with which the company seeks to offer users more privacy with a mode that predisposes HTTPS-only mode.

in the protocol regular HTTP the data that is transferred from the server to the browser is not encrypted, so that information can be viewed, altered, and even stolen.

On the contrary, HTTPS protocols They address these vulnerabilities by using a secure socket layer or SSL certificate, capable of creating an encrypted connection between the server and the browser.

This ensures that all information is protected and users can navigate freely without risk of losing your information or that malicious agents control it.

‘HTTPS Only Mode’ was introduced in August last year with Firefox 91 by default to support secure web connections during searches. made in private windowsthat is, the equivalent of the Google Chrome incognito window.

Then, in early March, Mozilla extended these changes to the Android mobile version of its Firefox Focus browser for some users.

The Firefox 100 version brings this feature to all users, as confirmed in a blog post, detailing other functionalities presented by this version of the browser.

Among them, the modePicture-in-Picture’, or ‘Image within Image’, released in 2019, which has been enhanced with new subtitles, initially available on YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix. It is also compatible with the WebVTT format, such as and Twitter.

has also added two new backgrounds additional screens to those already announced in March for iOS and Android in the United States, available in the Settings menu.

Also, with the Firefox 100 version, Mozilla has launched a new system to organize history of searches on Android, which will be brought to iOS in the coming days, in order to simplify processes and facilitate the use of the browser.

Thus, if users search for a specific product, for example, some shoes, you can find the different models grouped in a folder with that search term. It has also eliminated duplicate searches to reduce visual order and offers in this version the option to search within the history itself.

Other novelties refer to its section of languages first run, where users will be asked if they want to switch to one of over a hundred available languages.

Finally, the company has announced that the function of autofill credit cards, Previously released in North America, it is now available in the UK, France and Germany.

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