Feminism stands up to the US Supreme Court before its plan to revoke the right to abortion: “My body, my decision”

The anger of hundreds of young Americans over the possible revocation of the legal protection of abortion erupted this Tuesday in front of the country’s Supreme Court, where a growing group of protesters has been gathering throughout the day to demand that what is considered a setback in rights.

“If I wanted the government in my vagina I would sleep with a senator”

Some of the messages that could be read on the dozens of banners that waved in front of the courthouse steps were: “If I wanted the government in my vagina I would sleep with a senator”, “My body, my decision” or “abortion is Health”.

Although at the beginning of the day the demonstration was clearly divided between those in favor of abortion and those who oppose it, each group located on one of the two sides of the grand staircase, the number of protesters in favor of the right to terminate pregnancy ended up far exceeding those seeking to revoke it and he came to dominate his side of the ladder as well.

“We made the decision to come last night. The only reason we didn’t come earlier is because there was a large anti-abortion group on Monday, but the associations in favor called for people to come from eight to eight. The idea is to stay all day,” Manuela Tironi, one of the young women present at the protest, told Efe.

However, throughout the morning the groups seemed to be quite even: on the left side, dozens of people of different ages who carried banners in favor of the trans community and LGBT rights; and, on the right, a somewhat smaller but louder group with several young people who also carried LGBT flags and called for “rights for all people, born and unborn.”

Democrats against women’s right to abortion

The latter were members of the “Democrats for Life in America.” As explained by Caroline, one of its members, it is necessary to change the laws to change the culture, so she welcomes the leaked draft that points to a Supreme Court ruling that would revoke the traditional legal protection of abortion, included in the famous sentence “Roe against Wade” from 1973. The draft, which was released last night, was confirmed by the court on Tuesday.

This is not a final decision

However, the highest court has clarified that it is not a final decision and has requested an investigation to clarify how it ended up in the hands of Politicianthe medium that revealed it.

For Sarah, a pro-choice protester, the reason the right to terminate a pregnancy is at risk is because In the United States, there is truly no separation between church and state. since religious beliefs have an enormous influence on the decisions of Justice.

This idea was one of the most repeated in the speeches and slogans of the demonstrators, who demanded from the Congress of their country the legal codification of the law so as not to have to depend on jurisprudence.

The idea was also launched by Senator elizabeth warrenwho was a candidate for the Democratic primary in 2020, in an impassioned surprise speech in the morning in front of protesters.

Poor women will suffer more from the consequences of this decision

Visibly moved, Warren lamented that those who will suffer the most from the consequences of the court’s decision, if it finally comes to pass, will be poor women who will not be able to “afford a plane ticket to states where abortion is allowed.”

Great assistance in the face of the barbarity that wants to be committed

The scene changed a lot throughout the afternoon, when many pro-choice youth left their classes at the University and were able to join the protest.

Some tense scenes began to be experienced when several girls began to cover an old anti-abortionist woman with their posters, who was running up the steps shouting “don’t kill the children”. The old woman was insulted and persecuted by several protesters, who tried to make her shadow by covering her with banners. There were also heated but civilized conversations between supporters of abortion rights and opponents.

Demonstrators for and against abortion protest in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. Evelyn Hockstein / REUTERS

The US will regret leaving the decision on the legality of abortion in the hands of the states

On stage, a spokeswoman for the Democratic Socialists of America (a civil organization that has received support from several congressmen from the Democratic Party), lamented what it would mean for the country to leave the decision on the legality of abortion in the hands of the states.

“I’m from Texas,” he told the crowd. “And you all know what happened in Texas,” she said, to which the group responded with a loud boo. Precisely that southern state was the protagonist of a great controversy in 2021, as a result of the decision of its authorities to prohibit abortion from six weeks of gestation due to the inaction of the Supreme Court.


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