Félix López Rey will be Rita Maestre’s ‘number two’ in her race for mayor of Madrid


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Más Madrid outlines its candidacy for the municipal elections on May 28, 2023, in which it aspires to return the City Hall of the capital to the left. The polls indicate that the right is not too far from losing the Consistory and Más Madrid, which was the most voted political force in the 2019 elections, could take over the city’s baton.

For it, Rita Master, who has acted as spokesman for the municipal group and leader of the opposition to José Luis Martínez-Almeida during these years, will lead the candidacy of Más Madrid. In principle, and except for an unexpected twist in the script, the Madrid and green formation will present itself alone and not in confluence with other lefts, such as Podemos and IU, despite the fact that attempts to unite have not yet ceased.

Who will be accompanied by Maestre is from historic neighborhood activist Félix López Rey. Maestre and López Rey will form a tandem and act as a complement. She, 34 years old; he, 74. She, modeled on the student movement against the Bologna Plan; he, hardened in the neighborhood struggle of the southern neighborhoods of Madrid. She, initiated into the so-called new politics; he, struggled in the orbit of the PCE.

“The election as number two of the historic neighborhood leader is a clear sign of the commitment of Más Madrid to the neighborhoods of our city that Almeida has abandoned”, they say from Más Madrid, who consider López Rey as “an indisputable reference of the left of the capital for a long time and will have a prominent role in the next campaign, he will also be the councilor of Usera in the next Government”.

Maestre and López Rey have worked hand in hand over the last four years, the spokeswoman has visited Orcasitas and Usera on numerous occasions and has participated in activities organized in these neighborhoods. Maestre has stated on numerous occasions that “López Rey is an example of honesty and dignity, a man without mincing words, whose only interest is that everyone’s voice is heard in Cibeles”.

File image of a protest led by Félix López Rey. On loan from Más Madrid

Maestre’s ‘number 2’ recently published the book Orcasitas. Binding memories of a neighborhoodwhich tells the story of a neighborhood’s struggle for dignity, in which López Rey was one of the main protagonists, a benchmark for the neighborhood struggle in this neighborhood in the south of Madrid, in the Usera district.

An anecdote: it was December 1969 and López Rey was invited to the radio program you are awesome that Alberto Oliveras presented in Radio Madrid. I was 22 years old. The whole neighborhood was listening to the ‘son of Mrs. Tomasa’, as he was known. Then, he pronounced a shocking phrase: “How is it possible that the human being has reached the moon and in Orcasitas we continue shitting in a can?”

And it is that López Rey was one of the visible heads in the Orcasitas fight for basic services, decent transportation, creating the neighborhood association… He was also a promoter of the construction of a civic center through which countless intellectuals passed. López Rey’s fight for the rights of the populations of the neighborhoods of Madrid did not stop and was founder of the Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM) in the year at the beginning of democracy.

Maestre and López Rey are now undergoing the Más Madrid primary process in which there is no relevant internal response. This will culminate on December 20, when the official candidates for the elections on May 28 will be presented. The season has almost started.

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