Felipe González does not see “well” the Law of Memory that he will investigate at the time of the GAL

Felipe González has acknowledged that the new Democratic Memory law does not “sound good” to him because it was agreed in the Congress of Deputies with EH Bildu. However, he has added that ignores the opinion of the legislative project. “I have not seen it, when I see it I will tell you,” she explained.

Although the Executive has indicated that the norm will only last until 1978, a technical commission will be constituted that will recognize the victims of human rights violations until 1983 “for his struggle for the consolidation of democracy”. This implies that the first years of democracy will be investigated and, therefore, part of the González government and the war dirty against ETA after the beginning of the GAL.

Meanwhile, the PSOE tries to distance itself from the agreement with the Basque formation and has indicated that the law “is born from a progressive government” and “no one from another parliamentary group writes it.” The spokesman for the Socialists in Congress, Héctor Gómez, has indicated that “there are transactional (amendments), specific aspects that are negotiated with other groups and that improve the law, but the objective initially set with the memory law is fulfilled”.

The pact signed with EH Bildu has allowed the Government to continue with the processing of the standard, as it obtained sufficient support in the vote on the opinion last Monday in the Constitutional Commission of Congress.

The PP and Vox have opposed the proposal. Alberto Nunez Feijoo He reproaches that an agreement has been reached with those who “cheered, participated, militated and shared or covered up ETA”. Santiago Abascal He assures that the law intends to impose a “Manichean and fallacious” account of the history of Spain and affirms that “it presents the ETA members as victims and fighters for democracy.”


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