Feijóo’s changes in the PP: Tellado will whip in Congress, Fúnez gains power and Bendodo loses it

Almost two months have passed since Alberto Núñez Feijóo confirmed what the party had already been ruminating on since the failure in the general elections: there were going to be changes in the PP for the new legislature. Feijóo has given rise to weeks of speculation, pools and a certain internal noise that has not been liked among his ranks until this Monday he began to pluck the daisy: Génova announced early in the afternoon that Miguel Tellado (Ferrol, 1974) He will be the new parliamentary spokesperson in Congress and Carmen Fúnez the new Deputy Secretary of Organization. A promotion for both.

Tellado will monopolize the media spotlight and control of the parliamentary group and Fúnez will emerge as Feijóo’s ‘number 3’ in the party, once the president of the PP has decided to keep Cuca Gamarra as general secretary. And while some go up, others go down. Elias Bendodountil general coordinator and ‘number 3’ of the party, will become deputy secretary of regional and municipal policy and electoral analysis. This leaves Feijóo’s hard core of power.

Unravel The tricephaly that Gamarra, Bendodo and Tellado made up was one of the pending tasks of the president of the PP. The organic coexistence between them has been difficult for the party itself to understand from the first moment because, de facto, the one who has controlled the territories and had the most dialogue with barons and presidents has been Tellado, but his functions were not clear and this has generated internal tensions, especially since the Ferrolano has been gaining ground on Bendodo.

Feijóo bets on toughness in Congress

The truth is that Tellado—one of the toughest voices in Feijóo’s PP and perfectly aligned with Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s speech—is part of that team of collaborators that Feijóo took from Galicia and brought with him to Madrid in April 2022, when He became national president of the PP. During his time in the Galician parliament he became known as “Feijóo’s bulldog” because of his toughness. He is one of the leaders of the PP with the least mincing words about being a scourge of the left and especially of the Yolanda Diaz, with whom he shares his hometown, and whom he usually criticizes. “I know her well,” Tellado often says.

In Genoa, Feijóo then appointed him deputy secretary of Territorial Organization and in the last year and a half he has been the shadow muñidor of the party’s internal affairs. Not only have the elections of candidates and heads of lists passed through it, but also the negotiations with Vox for the pacts after the regional and municipal elections of May 28.

When, after the pact in the Valencià Country, Feijóo felt that he was losing control of the story and that the agreements with the extreme right could frustrate his result in the general elections, he commissioned Tellado to take over the conversations with the Vox leadership. Until that moment, this task was fundamentally Bendodo’s, who designed the successful 28M campaign, but who was displaced by Genoa in the general elections. Since then his prominence is increasingly residual. “He will lose power,” a PP baron said about Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla’s bishop in Madrid. That’s how it has been.

Fúnez becomes ‘number 3’

On the contrary, the one who surely wins is Carmen Fúnez (Ciudad Real, 1975). Within the party, the very good opinion that Feijóo has of her was known. So much so that he has gradually promoted her within the party in the last year and that is why her name was in all the party’s pools—which have been quite a few given the expectation created by Feijóo himself—to replace Cuca. Gamarra as spokesperson in Congress. The former president of the Xunta has ended up choosing a tougher profile like Tellado, but he has reinforced his hard core.

In Fúnez they converge two characteristics that the president of the PP likes: Determined that the party needs more female faces, Feijóo wants more women in relevant positions; Furthermore, the Castilian from La Mancha is discreet and no controversies or outbursts related to her are remembered. He also did not take sides in the open war between Pablo Casado and Díaz Ayuso.

A defender of abolishing the Ministry of Equality during the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Funéz has been a member of the PP for more than half her life. As soon as he joined, he founded a New Generations group in his hometown, Almodóvar del Campo—with less than 6,000 inhabitants—and in 2001, already a deputy in the Cortes of Castilla La-Mancha, he ended up assuming the national presidency of NNGG. replacing Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, now president of the Junta de la Andalucía. She was in office until 2006, although by then she was already a senator.

The Sorayista who called the indignant people of 15M lazy

He sat for the first time in the Upper House seat that year and did not leave it until 2015. During those years he experienced what, perhaps, was his only controversy when at a rally in 2011 he called the indignant movement 15 lazy. -M. He referred to them like this: “I imagine that there will be many unemployed people who have voted for the Socialist Party, because the strike has no political colors. Those on the right, those on the left, those from Izquierda Unida, the environmentalists are unemployed… even The outraged are left unemployed. That’s how it is. Well, it’s not that they are unemployed: it’s that they don’t like to work, fundamentally, but come on, that’s different now.“. He apologized three days later.

‘Sorayista’, after leaving the seat, Fúnez has continued working for the PP as an advisor in the Senate and the Junta of Andalusia. She returned to Madrid—as an advisor in the Senate again—when Feijóo took the reins of the PP. But the idea of ​​the president of the PP was always to delve into its hard core. Thus, he first commissioned her, together with Íñigo de la Serna, to prepare the framework electoral program for the May 28 elections and shortly afterward he opened the doors of the party’s Steering Committee to her by naming her deputy secretary of Social Policies and Demographic Challenge.

Starting this Thursday, when the National Executive Committee of the PP ratifies her appointment, she will be in charge of “invigorating and improving the structure of the party both in Spain and abroad, as well as the training of the PP’s political assets, the improvement of member participation systems and the implementation of the electoral strategy throughout the territory,” according to party sources.

These will not be the only changes that Genoa will announce between now and Thursday, when they are ratified by the National Executive Committee of the PP. Drop by drop, Feijóo’s team is giving names. This Tuesday early in the morning they have already revealed that Alicia García, from the PP of Castilla y León, will be the new spokesperson in the Senate.

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