Feijóo, with Aznar and Rajoy as “references”, asks to row “together” in a PP that “goes out to win”: “If we add up, we can”


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has pointed to the former presidents Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar as his “references” and “essential help” in a first speech as president of the popular in which he has appealed for unity and to renounce “small aspirations” to “go out and win”. “If we add up, we can”, he has proclaimed it.

Between shouts of “president”, Feijóo has had to wait for the members of the Galician delegation, from the plenary, to stop singing ‘A Rianxeira’ to be able to start his first speech as leader of the PP of Spain, after being ratified with the support of 98.35% of the valid votes cast at the XX Extraordinary Congress, a point that is only “the beginning” because his goal is — he has reiterated — “to win” Pedro Sánchez and govern.

“Thank you for electing me president of the PP but this election is only the beginning because what is really important now is to continue together so that the Spaniards elect us to govern their future. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”, he proclaimed, to make a special mention of the outgoing management and his “friend” Pablo Casado.

Interrupted on numerous occasions by his own, Feijóo has taken the opportunity to advance how he understands his work agenda, what his relationship with the Government will be, but also to define the “guide” of the party he wants: a “unique” PP that defends the nation Spanish, and in which he has asked to “add, add and add”, after denying the cards.

Feijóo has recognized Rajoy and Aznar as his political “references”, and has recalled his career, with the focus on his time at Correos and Insalud with José María Aznar in La Moncloa, and also his stage of management of the hand of Manuel Fraga in the Xunta. All his first years as a “public servant”, he has underlined, he worked for PP governments “without joining”.

“Neither Fraga nor Aznar asked me for the PP card to give me responsibilities in a PP government”, he has proclaimed, to defend that he took the step “out of conviction” after verifying that it was the party that defended “effective public services”.

“Those are the good ones, those capable of doing more with less, not those who spend to the fullest but those who manage to the fullest”, he defended, before ratifying what his maxim will be for the match: he will not ask for cards as he is not They asked for them back in the day. “You have to join the PP out of conviction, not out of interest,” he has sentenced.

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