Feijóo warns Ayuso that in the face of the “gang” PP that he proposes, he wants to “lower tension and tension”

The President of the People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Feijoocontinues to try to give an image of moderation to its formation in the face of the extremist and provocative discourse of Isabel Diaz Ayusowho this Sunday advocated a “gang” and “street” PP.

Faced with this strategy, Feijóo assured this Monday the president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for the presidency of the regional PP that your goal should be just the opposite: “Lower stress and twitching in Spanish politics.

Feijóo issued his warning upon his arrival at the regional government headquarters, where the official acts of the second of may, after being asked about Ayuso’s statements. In his opinion, what the Madrid president should focus on is contributing to “renewal, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for opening a new stage”, both in Madrid, as in Andalusia and in “Spain as a whole”.

The leader of the PP was “convinced” that Ayuso will do a good campaign to preside over the Madrid PP, and that after the celebration of the PP congress in Madrid on May 20 and 21, there will be a new president of the Madrid party and also a new president in Galicia -Alfonso Rueda-, “two very important autonomous communities for the PP and for Spain as a whole”.

Regarding the celebration of the regional festival of Dos de Mayo at the Real Casa de Correos, seat of the Government of Madrid, Feijóo recalled that he will settle permanently in the capital of Spain “in a few days” and that he already feels like “A neighbour plus”.


Ayuso’s statements have also forced the mayor of the city to take a position, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, who has tried to downplay the controversy by supporting Ayuso and explaining that the PP has to be “street and gang member” because “it has to be on the street.” Although, yes, “from unity and illusion”.

For her part, the spokesperson for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly, Carolina Alonso, responded to Ayuso’s words by recalling that the regional president has turned the region “into the epicenter of the corruption both in the City Council and in the Community”, reports Europa Press.

“It has left much weaker public services in this last year and cuts in health, education and public transport. It has not put any measure on the table to alleviate the effects of the crisisAlonzo said.

The spokeswoman for United We Can stressed that their training is focused on a “rooted” regional project similar to the one carried out by the Government of Spain in terms of employment, in the face of the “authentic scourge of the precariousness labour” which, in his opinion, the people of Madrid suffer.


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