Feijóo walks through Salamanca with the provincial president of the PP accused of financing the primaries of Mañueco

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has started the month of September already installed in messages worthy of pre-election campaign. Thus, the acts of the Galician are aimed at try not to lose your cool who accompanied him after taking over the leadership of the Popular Party, knowing as he is that the next electoral cycle has just started with the regional and municipal elections in May 2023, which will later end with the general elections in December.

However, on this occasion, Feijóo has skidded being accompanied at the Salamanca Agricultural Fair, Salamaq 2022, by Fernández Mañueco as a faithful squire (so much so that they were dressed exactly the same), by the mayor of the city Carlos García Carbayo, and by the president of the Diputación and the party in Salamanca Javier Iglesias. The latter, charged since November 2021 for the alleged illegal financing of the PP.

This investigation is still open possible illegal financing of the Popular Party in Salamanca – which he reported exclusively Public– during the primaries that Mañueco won to be the candidate for the Presidency of Castilla y León. In this case, a kind of “revolutionary tax” claimed from the public officials of the party in Salamanca is denounced. A alleged black money that was delivered by hand to cover the delinquent fees of the affiliates and that they could vote en masse for the current president of the Junta de Castilla y León.

The PP wants to recover the primary sector

The primary sector in Castilla y León It has always been a faithful support for the Popular Party, although in the last elections it turned towards Vox, worryingly for those of Genoa. However, Feijóo knows that agriculture and livestock is one of his strengths, since he comes from the rural world. Thus, during his visit to Salamanca, the Galician shared greetings and handshakes with farmers and ranchers from 1:00 p.m., stopping at the machinery stalls that were pointed out to him, always surrounded by smiles from the like-minded.

But it is that even the first of the brief questions asked by the journalists in a meeting with them was a gift agreed with the newspaper closer to the popular ones in the charra province in which he was encouraged to share the promises he would make if he were president, in addition to asking him about two local and provincial issues that he suspiciously controlled perfectly.

“I promise that the water in Spain belongs to the Spaniards”

Asked if there are possibilities of projects like regrow the Santa Teresa reservoir in Salamanca, Feijóo has influenced his commitment to hydraulic infrastructuresand added: “Regrowing a dam makes a lot of sense, if there is no environmental impact. And, based on the data I have, the dam you are referring to, I think the approach of growing the dam is appropriate to take advantage of the Water is a scarce resource and, therefore, we cannot lose water and we have to reuse it constantly, for irrigation, to purify that water and also to returbine and produce more electrical energy in the water that passes through a turbine and that can continue to pass through that turbine. Hydraulic infrastructures, a priority for a dry country”, continued the Galician.

I promise that the water in Spain belongs to the Spaniards since, within infrastructures, we do not think exclusively of roads or railways, ports or airports, but rather we think of hydraulic infrastructures”, he added.

in which has been his first visit to Salamanca as president of the popular, Núñez Feijóo has also assured that Carlos García Carbayo, current mayor of Salamanca and dolphin of Mañueco when he left the mayor’s office, “is the best possible mayor” for the city and that it is “very important” that he has maintained stability in the government “within the political instability of Spain”. Carbayo governs in Salamanca thanks to the pact of the PP with Ciudadanos.


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