Feijóo, to Sánchez: “With 10% inflation, a Prime Minister who does not lower taxes is that he has no heart”


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He says that inflation is the “most unfair tax” and contrasts his economic model based on tax cuts with that of PSOE and Podemos


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has confirmed that this week he will send the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, his economic plan and has assured that he is “surprised” that he “laughs” at this proposal from his party focused on tax cuts for face inflation of almost 10%, which is the “most unfair tax and the one that really reduces the purchasing power of medium and low incomes”.

“With 10% inflation, a Prime Minister who does not lower taxes means that he has no heart and is not interested in people who have difficulty making ends meet. Therefore, I am surprised that a Prime Minister would laugh of a proposal that the majority of Spanish citizens are waiting for”, declared Feijóo.

This is how he spoke before journalists after his visit to the health center in O Porriño (Pontevedra), just after Sánchez criticized in an interview on Antena 3 the “generalized” tax reduction proposed by the PP leader, assuring that ” is not credible” and that “nobody in Europe is doing it”.


Next, Feijóo has contrasted the economic model of the Popular Party, focused on tax reductions for citizens, with the one defended by the Government of PSOE and United We Can, of “more taxes”.

“Therefore, there are two models of economic policies. The economic policy model of more taxes, more collection and more debt and more deficit generates poverty and in the end poverty affects measured and low incomes more than income high”, he warned, adding that the “most unfair” tax is inflation because it reduces the purchasing power of medium and low incomes.

In addition, he has stressed that there are “two types of politicians”: “those who live at the expense of citizens, raising their taxes and leaving them a poof with a huge public debt”; and the politicians who “pretend that the majority of citizens decide where they spend their money and try not to leave them a whiff of an exponential increase in public debt.”


In any case, Feijóo has confirmed that this week he will send his economic proposal to Sánchez after meeting with the social agents on Tuesday. Specifically, he plans to meet with the leaders of the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (Cepyme), the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), the General Union of Workers (UGT) and the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO).

Feijóo has indicated that his priority at this time is the situation experienced by middle and low incomes because there are citizens who cannot pay “10% more given the inflation” that Spain suffers. For this reason, after meeting with the King and the Prime Minister, he has said that he will continue with his institutional agenda holding meetings with the unions and employers with the aim of sending Moncloa a proposal for a “temporary and selective tax reduction” .

“Our goal is to find solutions to the inflationary pressure that Spain is experiencing, which is the EU country with the highest inflation: 40 percent more than the average of the countries of the Union,” he emphasized.

For this reason, he stressed that they must “reduce taxes so that there are families who can make ends meet” and that they do so “less badly than they are doing now.” “We are going to present that proposal this week, tomorrow to the social agents, on Wednesday in the Executive Committee of the PP and during the week we will send it to Moncloa”, he explained.


The leader of the PP has highlighted that there are several objectives in his proposal and one of them is that “out of every five Spaniards, four pay less in personal income tax” and also reduce VAT on electricity and gas. It is about, he continued, to see how they can “lighten the tension that many Spanish families are experiencing.”

In similar terms, the general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has expressed herself, who has marked the PP’s priorities as lowering taxes, deflating personal income tax and eliminating “unproductive spending” which, as she stressed, exceeds 60,000 million.

“For the PP, the problems of the Spaniards are above all else and that is how we will face it,” Gamarra declared in an interview on Telecinco, where he stressed that the objective of the PP is the economy because Spain has an inflation of 9.8% , 30% of families spend more than they earn and Spanish society does not make ends meet.

That said, Gamarra has accused Pedro Sánchez of having failed to comply with the tax reduction that he signed in La Palma, within the framework of the Conference of Presidents, and has added that the PP has the responsibility of providing solutions to the real problems of citizens . “We are not thinking about Sánchez, whom we already know well, but about the Spaniards,” he added.

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