Feijóo sees Sánchez unable to control his team: If he does not govern 22 ministers, it is difficult to govern 47 million

He assures that with this “political coven”, which is going to “intensify”, it cannot continue any longer.


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has accused this Thursday the head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, of being unable to control his own Executive, whose ministers are “questioning, insulting and disqualifying each other every day.” In his opinion, with this “political coven”, which he believes is going to “escalate”, it cannot continue any longer.

This is how Feijóo spoke in his appearance before the media in Santiago de Compostela, after presiding over his last government council as president of the Xunta de Galicia, when asked if the Popular Party is formally requesting an advance of the general elections.

The head of the opposition has referred to the statements he made this Wednesday at an informative breakfast –when he was asked if he believes that Pedro Sánchez will exhaust the legislature– and has reiterated that he believes that in a situation like this he doubts that they can continue “a long time”.


At this point, he has alluded to the “internal division between the Podemos ministers and the socialist ministers”, as well as between “the socialist ministers among themselves”. “In this situation I think we cannot stay much longer, but I think that is the opinion of any militant of the PSOE, any militant of Podemos or any democratic party,” he stressed.

Thus, it has been asked if the Government can be “every day questioning itself, insulting itself and disqualifying itself”. “It is very difficult to govern a country when you are not capable of governing a government. If a president does not govern 22 Spaniards, it is very difficult for him to govern 47 million Spaniards,” she asserted.

The head of the opposition has indicated that the “political coven in which” the Government is “continues and it seems that it is going to intensify”, at a time when the NATO Summit in Madrid is scheduled for June.

“I deeply regret it because I think that Spain is losing a lot of credibility, especially when we have to hold the NATO Summit in our country in a few weeks,” he added, asking himself “how rigorously the chiefs are going to be received” of the Alliance with the current scenario.


Feijóo has expressed the support of the PP to the services that have as objective to safeguard the security of the State. “We are in favor of the security of the State and we will continue to be in favor of the security of the State. The problem is that the Government is not, nor are its parliamentary partners, and that causes insecurity in the State,” he proclaimed.

At this point, the president of the ‘popular’ has accused the Government of “using the State to safeguard the security of the Government, to the detriment of the security of the State”. In his opinion, this “is not an opinion” but “information”.

Feijóo, who has said that he has not checked whether his phone has been infected by Pegasus, has highlighted that “the degree of insecurity and the lack of reliability that the Executive transmits in a matter as delicate as State security is alarming” .

They also criticized the fact that the Government “undressed” itself before the entire country by calling a press conference in Moncloa on May 2 to “prove the lack of security in the Spanish State denounced by the Spanish Government.” “That is unheard of,” he has proclaimed, alluding to the appearance of Minister Félix Bolaños revealing the alleged espionage of Pedro Sánchez and Minister Margarita Robles.


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