Feijóo reveals that he met with Arrimadas a few days ago and that they did not talk about transfers: I am not here to “make takeover bids” to others

He assures that he has also seen Errejón, apart from the already known meetings with Yolanda Díaz, Ortuzar or Abascal

MADRID, 23 (.)

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has revealed this Friday that “a few days ago” he met the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, and has rejected that in that meeting they talked about possible signings. As he has highlighted, the orange party is in “full internal organizational process.”

“I do not come to make takeover bids to the parties but to make myself available to their voters. And the good thing about democracy is that voters are not guilty of any party but rather they vote every four years and the magnificent thing about democracy is that they do not You can only choose the government, but you can change it”, he declared in an interview on Antena 3, which was collected by Europa Press.

After assuring that it was a “very cordial meeting”, Feijóo has indicated that Arrimadas told him that Cs is currently in an “internal organization regime” and has indicated that they discussed the situation in Spain. “We have logically shared many concerns about the authoritarian drift of the Government,” he stated.


As for whether the PP would sign Arrimadas if in the end it is Edmundo Bal who wins the primaries, Feijóo has assured that the PP “is interested in expanding its electoral base” and has added that they are working on that.

The president of the PP has indicated that he cannot “concrete anything” because “they did not speak anything” about transfers. “But they are in the middle of the internal organizational process!”, he has underlined, to emphasize that he has not come to “make takeover bids” to other parties.

Having said this, he has indicated that the Popular Party has improved its percentage of votes, as the polls show, something that, in his opinion, shows that “there are voters from the center, the center-left and the right who are coming together in the PP “.

“I am optimistic for the future. I believe that the Spanish will take two paths: continue with the project of Sánchez and his pro-independence partners or vote for the alternative that the PP represents,” he stated.


When asked if he has met with leaders of all political parties, Feijóo has assured that he has seen all those he has “could”, citing some meetings already known these months such as the one he had with the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, with the president of UPN, Javier Esparza, with the vice president and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, or with the president of Vox Santiago Abascal.

Of course, the president of the Popular Party – who opened a round of contacts months ago with leaders of other parliamentary formations – has revealed that he has also met with the leader of Más País, Iñigo Errejón. However, in this case he has not given more details.

Finally, Feijóo has shown his chest in the polls because they give an average of 40 or 50 more seats to the PP, above the PSOE, criticizing the CIS poll. However, he has indicated that this CIS poll also places his party with some 4.5 points ahead of the Socialists.

“Shouldn’t those millions of euros that we give to the CIS to lie to us be subject to some kind of responsibility?”, he asked, adding that “no demoscopy professional” in Spain believes the CIS data, which “does not tell the truth in any” of the surveys.

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