Feijóo invites Sánchez to continue “copying” the PP’s proposals and believes that the ministers do not even “find out” about his plans

He wonders if the ministers are now going to accuse their president of not having a clue for lowering VAT on gas, as they said the day before

MADRID, Sep. 2 (.) –

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has encouraged the Government to “continue copying” the proposals made by the ‘popular’, in reference to the reduction of VAT on electricity and gas, although he has also advised more coordination in the Executive because he has the impression that the ministers “don’t even know” what Pedro Sánchez is going to propose.

In an event organized by the Madrid PP in Alcalá de Henares, Feijóo recalled that last March, at the La Palma conference, the PP already proposed lowering VAT, and since then “months have passed” saying that it was “the worst idea”. “Based on insisting, sometimes they pay attention to us”, he has pointed out in reference to Sánchez’s latest announcement to lower VAT on gas.

“I am going to offer you the headline: I very much agree with Pedro Sánchez’s decision to lower VAT on electricity and gas, so much so that I have been asking for it for six continuous months, every day, every week, because it is common sense,” he ironized.

And he not only celebrates that the Government “copies” his proposals, but also invites him to continue doing so: “Sánchez already has a new chapter of his ‘Resistance Manual’, and we must read it because it was not written by him, but by us — he ironized–. And given that it has turned out well, that he should do it more often. Copy the proposals that we have presented to him because they are not ours, they are those of the citizens”.

In this sense, he has also offered Sánchez to “copy” the proposals of the PP against the rise in inflation, those that have been made to improve national security and judicial independence, the constitutional reform of disability or those proposed in sectors such as tourism . “Our measures are at the disposal of the Government,” he stressed.

Of course, he has said that he regrets the situation of Pedro Sánchez’s ministers, who the day before the announcement of the VAT reduction were disqualifying the measure. “The logical thing is that the group of ministers who have disqualified us came out to say that Sánchez has no idea of ​​public management, that he makes impossible proposals, and that he wants to end public services.”


His conclusion is that “these ministers are in the ministry to be, because they don’t even know what the president is going to do tomorrow.” And to this he adds the contradictions, recalling that while the Minister of Transport opened to extend the gasoline bonus by ten cents, the Treasury denied it. “At the same time, two different positions -he highlighted-. Sanchismo has the ability to defend different things simultaneously. We must recognize that we do not know how to do it”.

In his speech, Feijó has once again accused the Government of carrying out an “erratic” energy policy based “exclusively on ideology and abandoning technology”. Faced with this, he has reiterated his commitment to “produce all the energy that we are capable of and activate all the energy sources installed in Spain”, including coal, as Germany does, or the extension of nuclear. “Do not put limits on the installed energy production capacity in Spain, at least until the crisis in Europe is over,” he added.

In his opinion, the Spanish economy “is experiencing a limit situation” with the increase in inflation and unemployment while the Government is chaining revisions to its forecasts and “the clouds of recession” are seen.

And all of this has had an impact, while Pedro Sánchez presides over a government of 22 ministers, “two football teams”: “You cannot ask all families to make efforts when the Government is not willing to make any,” he asserted. –. A good leader preaches with his own example so that others understand that we are in a limit situation”.


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