Feijóo gives Cs the leadership in the offensive against the Government’s decree on Catalan in the classroom

Alberto Núñez Feijóo chooses which battles he wants to lead as head of the opposition and the offensive against Catalan nationalism is not one of them. PP, Ciudadanos and Vox make a common front against the decree approved by the Government to haggle over the sentence of 25% of Spanish in the classrooms, but it is Inés Arrimadas who lead the initiative. “If inevitably we are summoned (the Government) due to the need to appeal to the Constitutional Court, we have transferred Citizens to have an appeal of unconstitutionality,” Feijóo said Tuesday from Rotterdam. “They Join Us”point out sources from the national leadership of Citizens.

As you have been able to find out Public, This Tuesday there was a telephone conversation between the general secretary of the PP and spokesman in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, and the deputy spokesman for Cs, Edmundo Bal. They agreed to meet there next week to start working on the drafting of the resource. So far, party sources say, there is no more than an agreement to “go together in this.”

The contact between the directorates of the parliamentary groups of PP and Cs came after Inés Arrimadas announced her intention to appeal the decree to the Constitutional Court and the president of the PP offered her his collaboration. It will be the first time since Núñez Feijóo was elected president in which he has allied himself with Ciudadanos. And he does so in the clear background, letting those of Arrimadas be the ones who raise the tone the most against the linguistic policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya. “They have recognized it when they say they are joining us,” they say from Ciudadanos.

The truth is that in order to file an appeal of unconstitutionality, the signature of 50 deputies or senators. Citizens can only contribute nine and Feijóo’s PP has come to his rescue. Parliamentary sources confirm that, in this case, they have not proposed to Vox to join them.

Bal and Gamarra must agree on a text for the joint appeal that will be presented once the decree law approved by the Government is processed, which opens a period of three months to go to the TC. “We are not in a hurry,” say parliamentary sources involved in the agreement between the two formations. As this medium has learned, PP and Ciudadanos hope that the Council of Statutory Guarantees of the Government accept the appeal that those of Arrimadas will present together with the extreme right to paralyze the processing of the decree, which will give them more time. “We both have to feel comfortable with the resource,” they say from Ciudadanos.

Nationalism, an uncomfortable subject for Feijóo

But, per se, any debate on nationalism is uncomfortable for a hesitant Feijóo without a clear discourse. On account of the nationalities, he had his first controversy at the head of Genoa, when his number three Elijah Bendodo defined Spain as a “plurinational State”. Despite the fact that the article of the Constitution recognizes “the right to autonomy of nationalities and regions”, his statements generated a wave of criticism on the right that led Feijóo to amend not only Bendodo but himself, that a week before he spoke of “Catalan nation” in Catalonia.

Even so, and in the obvious second line of battle behind Ciudadanos, Feijóo described the Government’s decree as “ordago” to circumvent the sentence that requires 25% of classes to be taught in Spanish. Of course, until now he has rejected the demand of Citizens and Vox to apply the article 155 of the Constitution. “In this we go by free”, say those of Arrimadas.


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