Feijóo finalizes the design of the second levels of the PP and the adjustment of the Popular Group, which he wants to have approved in May


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Bendodo and Tellado will continue this month visiting Autonomous Communities to prepare for the municipal elections of 2023 and to outline candidates in capitals


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, finalizes the design of the second levels of the party and the adjustment in the structure of the Popular Group, some changes that he wants to have ready for the second half of May and that they receive the green light in a National Board of Directors , as ‘popular’ sources have informed Europa Press.

Feijóo, who this Friday resigned as president of the Xunta de Galicia after 13 years, considers that in May “everyone should be in their positions.” Apart from his replacement in the Galician Government, where Alfonso Rueda will take the baton, it is also expected that before the end of this month the internal organization of the PP at the national level will be completed.

The extraordinary congress that the formation held in Seville on April 1 and 2 elected Cuca Gamarra as general secretary; Elías Bendodo as general coordinator; and five deputy secretaries: Juan Bravo (Economy); Esteban González Pons (Institutional); Miguel Tellado (Organization); Carmen Navarro (Social Policies); and Pedro Rollán (Territorial).

The various Vice Secretaries will have area secretaries whose names are unknown at this time. It will be necessary to see if Feijóo decides to keep some of the positions that Pablo Casado chose in his day, such as the Madrid counselor Enrique López, who in January 2020 was appointed Secretary of Justice and the Interior of the PP.


Adjustments are also expected in the Popular Group, especially in the Senate if in the end Feijóo chooses to have a seat in the Upper House as a senator by regional appointment. In the ranks of the PP, the majority believes that this is the most likely scenario and that it would be more convenient for them, above all because it would allow them to debate – albeit rarely – with the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez.

Feijóo himself, who is already president of the parliamentary groups for being the leader of the PP, has assured that he “does not rule out” being a senator. If he ultimately decides to take the step of occupying a seat in the Upper House, he would have to replace one of the two Galician senators of the PP by regional appointment who now have a seat in the Senate: Elena Muñoz or Juan Carlos Serrano.

Being a senator of the Popular Group would allow him to attend the great debates that are held in Congress and use its dependencies and rooms to attend to the media. However, parliamentary sources see it as difficult for him to go up to the speaker’s rostrum of the Lower House in the Debate on the State of the Nation, which has not been held since 2015 and which Sánchez said he wanted to convene in the first half of 2022. .

One of the unknowns in the Senate is whether Feijóo will keep Javier Maroto as spokesman in the Chamber. Some PP sources consulted by Europa Press believe that there is no reason to relieve him, although others suggest that he will opt for a woman, citing names such as Ana Alós, former mayor of Huesca.

In the case of the Congress, it is also necessary to see if it introduces changes in the leadership committee of the Popular Group. With the appointment of Bendodo as general coordinator of the PP, PP sources interpret that Feijóo wants Gamarra to reconcile his position as general secretary with that of parliamentary spokesman, being the voice that confronts Pedro Sánchez every Wednesday in the control sessions. The forecast is to convene a Board of Directors, foreseeably the second half of May, the sources consulted have indicated.


At the same time, the party is already focused on preparing the regional and municipal elections. With this objective, the general coordinator and the deputy secretary of Organization have opened a round by CCAA to “build the alternative government of the PP”, with an eye on that appointment with the polls that will take place just within a year.

For now, Bendodo and Tellado have already visited Asturias and Castilla-La Mancha and this May they will continue their work visits to more autonomous communities. The leadership of the PP wants to have the candidates of the provincial capitals and municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants closed soon so that they can start their campaign as soon as possible, according to what sources from the formation have told Europa Press.

Feijóo also wants to finish the process of internal renewal soon, holding the pending regional congresses. Those of Madrid (May 20 and 21) and those of Galicia (May 21 and 22) already have a date, but more than half a dozen are pending, such as Extremadura, Navarra, Murcia, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Catalonia or Asturias.

In many of them, there could be changes in the Popular Party presidency, but for now there is secrecy in Feijóo’s team with this matter, which wants to know the terrain first-hand before making decisions.

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