Feijóo distances himself from Ayuso’s health crisis that threatens his alleged profile as a “good manager”

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has chosen silence to prevent the open war between Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the Madrid health personnel from splashing him. Eighteen minutes of intervention in front of the party’s senior staff and not a single reference to the health crisis that the Madrid Community is going through and that caused the massive demonstration this Sunday in defense of public health. For Feijóo, at least in public, it is as if it had not happened. Although in this case, what is not named does exist.

If Genoa wanted to focus this Monday on the offensive against the Government for the repeal of the crime of sedition, Ayuso threw his plans to the ground. One by one, the regional leaders of the PP entered the party headquarters to attend the National Executive Committee and all the attention of the media was focused on the same thing: the health situation in Madrid and the response of the regional government to the manifestation. According to Ayuso, “yesterday’s demonstration was not in defense of public health, but to seek a new far-left leadership.”

Neither the barons nor Genoa support the Madrid president in this denialist strategy of the reality of the health system in her community, nor do they endorse the attacks on the protesters. “The first thing is absolute respect for those who demonstrate,” stressed a regional president at the gates of the PP’s national headquarters. Sources from Feijóo’s team also have an impact on this idea and recognize that “the fact that there is a part of the demonstration shared by the left” does not delegitimize the protest.

Implicitly in the PP they accept that there are reasons for the strike of health personnel in the Community of Madrid, although they try to divert the focus and raise the crisis at a national level. Conspired in a kind of “and you more”, the popular regional leaders from outside the capital paraded through Genoa on Monday demanding that their regions also be looked at because they were “worse than Madrid”.

The solution of the PP: more family doctors in the MIR

From Feijóo’s team they assure that the solution to the agony of the Primary Care system goes through a “broad spectrum” plan that must come from the central administration and ask for a national pact for health. In this sense, the Health Councilors of the autonomous communities governed by the PP have met this Monday (from Genoa they assure that the meeting was already scheduled since last week) and have agreed to demand that the Ministry urgently call a Extraordinary Interterritorial Council.

The main proposal of the PP is “to immediately incorporate more
family doctors in training in the next MIR call”, according to what they have transferred from the party in a press release. “It is unavoidable to make more flexible
immediately the accreditation system of teaching units for MIR positions,” the statement says.

In a sense, Feijóo’s team has refused to assess Ayuso’s extra-hospital emergency plan that has caused the health crisis in the Community of Madrid. Does the national PP share, for example, that consultations can be carried out by video call? “We do not value plans from other communities.” “We do not know the plan,” they settle.

It is difficult to understand that Genoa is oblivious to the health plan of the Community of Madrid when the former Vice Minister of Health Care and Public Health in the Government of Ayuso, Antonio Zapatero, is now the national head of Health Care and Public Health of the PP. Zapatero left his post in September.

Feijóo asks for “moderation” to make opposition

What is clear is that Feijóo wants, at least publicly, to distance himself from Ayuso’s policies and he did that this Monday with his silence but also with a clear message.

The president of the PP finished his intervention in the Executive Committee asking, in front of the Madrid president, “moderation”, “serenity”, “centrality” and to put aside “shrillness”. The last of Ayuso had occurred a few hours earlier, when he accused the Government of “wanting to impose a de facto secular federal republic in Spain by dismantling the rule of law and the constitutional order from behind”.

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