Feijóo calls for early elections in view of the Government’s reforms in the Judiciary

The president of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, stated that “the time has come to ask for early elections now“Considering that the Government of Pedro Sanchez it assumes decisions that “were not submitted” to the ballot box and that go “against” the “basic principles” of the Constitution.

This has been expressed by Núñez Feijóo in an interview with the newspaper The world in which he considers that the advance of the elections is the “most transparent and democratic solution” for the Spanish to say if they “want” this government, although, according to his words, in the case of this advance the “social majority will say no”.

Regarding the date of this early electoral call, the leader of the PP has stated that it would be “immediately”, in February or Marchbecause Sánchez uses “a spurious parliamentary technique to return” to amend the Organic Law of the Judiciary “for the third or fourth time” and “coerces judges by saying that they will incur criminal responsibilities, and steals powers from the Constitutional Court.”

“And it frees -he added- corrupt politicians from their responsibilities and leaves the State unprotected by repealing the crime of sedition. That needs a legal endorsement. That needs a consultation.”

In this sense, Núñez Feijóo has said that the PP is “working” on a democratic regeneration project that they will present in January and that affects the General Council of the Judiciary, a project of “organic law” where “most of the judges and magistrates of the Council are chosen by the judges and magistrates.”

“The President of the Government is dismantling the separation of powers and judicial independence. This proves that there are no limits,” he added.

In addition, Feijóo has qualified that “it is not worth a frustrated party censorship” because “what is left over in Spain are excesses of protagonism”: “Spain is already fed up with political prominence, inflamed oratory and arrogance and egomania. I do not belong to that political class, nor will I ever belong to it.”

Regarding Catalonia, the popular has also stated that the Sánchez executive has everything “on track” so that “facilitate” a “referendum that you will call consultative” and that is why he underpins the idea of ​​”requesting” early elections again.

Door open to coalitions in Catalonia

And, according to his words, the PP “will not renounce its acronym” in Catalonia, but it does have to “experiment to see what possibility” the formation in this territory has “of cbuild a constitutionalist space“.

“The first to raise it – he specified – are my colleagues in Catalonia, but they know what I think. I understand that the PP should be (sic) in a position to do so with other brands. We have to send a political tool to all those who feel Catalan and Spanish, Spanish and Catalan”.

In the interview, he also said that “all the recent biography” of President Sánchez “is based on a set of continuous lies.”

“He has done the exact opposite of what he committed to. There is no record of a Prime Minister who has based his presidency on a list of lies and a list of maximum disloyalties. He does not have the legitimacy to do everything he is doing, because nothing of what he is doing was submitted to the polls. He did have it to do the opposite,” he concluded.

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