Feijóo believes that a referendum is being prepared as requested by the ERC and challenges Page and Lambán to distance themselves from Sánchez with facts

He says that Spain is experiencing an “unusual” moment and it is necessary to go to the polls for the Spanish to pronounce themselves on “this separatist drift”

MADRID, Dec. 14 (.) –

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, considers that the Government and ERC are paving the way for holding a referendum, as, in his opinion, evidenced by the words of Minister Ione Belarra, assuring that it seems “legitimate” to hold a referendum in Catalonia . In addition, he has challenged the socialists Emiliano García Page and Javier Lambán to stand out with Pedro Sánchez’s actions after his criticism of the steps that the chief executive is taking with the independentistas.

“I know what the socialist presidents think. What surprises me is that what they say does not correspond to what they do,” said Feijóo, who considers that the only possibility for a politician to have credibility is that he says it and what he makes it “concordant”.

For this reason, Feijóo has asked Page and Lambán to “do what they say” because if they do not, they will be facing a “political fraud” that “neither the Aragonese nor the Castilian-Manchegos” deserve. In fact, he has urged the socialist deputies of those autonomies to reject in Congress the modifications to the Criminal Code that are voted on this Thursday and has assured that if this is not the case they will be facing “a double disappointment.”


In statements to the media after participating in the III International Congress of Rural Women of AFAMMER in Madrid, Feijóo believes that a referendum is being prepared and has undermined the credibility of the statements of socialist ministers, ensuring that it will not take place because “unfortunately everything that the Executive He said that it was not going to happen, it has happened”.

Thus, the head of the opposition has indicated that “decriminalizing the referendum” in Spain, as well as “the use of public funds to hold the referendum” leaves the “expedited way for it to be held.”

“And also the ERC, which is governing Catalonia and is Mr. Sánchez’s partner, has said that it is valid with 50% participation and that this referendum would be valid with 55% of the yes vote”, he pointed out, to warn that that means that “1.7 million Spaniards can decide on the future of the 47 million Spaniards”.


Feijóo considers that Spain is experiencing an “unusual” moment that “not even the most ambitious independentistas could have thought would arrive.” For this reason, he has indicated that it is “essential” that Pedro Sánchez call elections now, so that “all this separatist and independence drift can be submitted to the polls.”

The leader of the PP has highlighted that Sánchez stood up for the elections saying that “he was not going to do anything he is doing” and, therefore, everything that is happening in Spain “is not validated by the polls”.

“Unfortunately we are at the gates of yet another nonsensical act in our country, which is to repeal the call for a referendum, repeal the use of public funds to organize the referendum and that the partner of the Government tells us that a referendum is going to be called. I have There are few doubts because this morning members of the Government have said that it seemed good to them that referendums could be held in Catalonia”, he said, alluding to Minister Ione Belarra.

Specifically, the head of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda has ensured that the ERC proposal to bring the request to hold a referendum to the Dialogue Table with the central government is “perfectly legitimate”.


When asked if he has already decided whether the PP will abstain or vote in favor of the motion of no confidence that Vox will register or it will depend on the candidate they present, Feijóo has stated that “the motion of no confidence that is called is for May 28 “, thus referring to the regional and municipal elections.

Feijóo has indicated that the motion is not for 350 deputies to vote but for all Spaniards “with thousands of ballot boxes” throughout Spain. “Regarding future and uncertain events, which we do not know if they are going to occur and who the candidates are going to be, we have to be at least prudent,” he stated, to reiterate that the PP project does not go through “laundering” the Government when ” He has no social backing.”

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