Feijóo attacks Sánchez for putting up with Otegi “swaggering” boasting that the Government is in his hands

He says that Sánchez is “governed” by others: “When the majority submits to the bullying of minorities, democracy breaks down”

MADRID, November 25 (.) –

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has guaranteed that he would not support the general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnardo Otegi, “bragging” boasting that the Government of Spain is in his hands because before he would present his resignation as president of the Government . In his opinion, the “main problem that Spain has is no longer that Sánchez’s PSOE governs, but that Sánchez’s party is governed.”

“When the majority submits to the tyranny of minorities, democracy breaks down; when minorities impose themselves on majorities, the decline of a country appears,” Feijóo declared at the closing ceremony of the XIII Congress of the PP in Ceuta together with john jesus
Alive, with a speech full of praise for the current president of the autonomous city.

Feijóo has criticized that Otegi says that there is a change of era and that now the Government of Spain depends on the parties that want to leave Spain. “At least Otegi has told us the truth and at least Mr. Otegi is honest from the ideological point of view with the whole of the nation that he despises,” he proclaimed.

Having said this, he has assured that Otegi “never” will say with a PP government that the Government is in his hands, “showing off” that “those who want to leave Spain” are in his hands. “Morally, I would never allow it because my country does not deserve it. If I had to put up with the comment and, above all, the indisputable fact that the Government of Spain depends on those who don’t give a damn about Spain, I would present my resignation as President of the Government of Spain”, he stated.


Before a devoted audience, Feijóo has affirmed that “not everything is valid to achieve power” nor “to conserve power” because “power is not an end in itself but an instrument so that the majorities have the peace of mind that the minorities do not impose their decisions on the general interests of a country”.

In this sense, he has indicated that the PP has always defended that “insults, personal attacks and harassment should not be part of national politics.” “We do not want it for any party, not even for those who have insulted us and for those who have harassed us in recent years. We do not want it and we are not going to accept it,” he stressed.

As he already did this morning in an act in Malaga with the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, Feijóo has asked the Government to modify the so-called ‘only yes is yes’ law. In his understanding, the Government “has once again proven its arrogance” by rejecting the PP proposal in the Senate to correct the errors to which that rule leads.


After a week marked by the parliamentary anger in Congress between Vox and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, Feijóo has also called for overcoming the “politics of insults and institutional degradation.” “Spain cannot allow itself more tension, more division or more fracture”, he added.

“The sooner mistakes are avoided, leaving women unprotected, the sooner we will have activated the solution,” he stressed, to criticize that the Government of Pedro Sánchez “does not accept that he has made a single mistake, even though there have already been several convictions in which the penalties have decreased

Finally, Feijóo stressed that Ceuta’s politics should also be an “example” for Spanish politics, in which “experience, serenity and humility should once again prevail” against “arrogance” and the politics of ” slogan and banner”. “You continue to have a great, great, great president,” he proclaimed, garnering applause from those present for Juan Jesús Vivas.

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