Feijóo assures that he voted “by conviction” for Felipe González in 1982 and confesses that he misses “everything” of that PSOE

He attends the Bertín Osborne program this Saturday with Ayuso and Moreno, whom he sees as “two politicians who rule”


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has revealed that in 1982 he voted for the then socialist candidate for Moncloa, Felipe González, something that he did “out of conviction” and that “he would do again”. In addition, he admits that he misses “everything” from that PSOE in the current party led by Pedro Sánchez.

This is stated in the program ‘My house is yours’ presented by Bertín Osborne, which will be broadcast this Saturday on Telecinco, in which the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the president of the Andalusian Government also participate. Juanma Moreno.

In some fragments of the interview that the chain has anticipated, Feijóo confesses that he voted in 1982 for the socialist candidate. “I voted for Felipe González, out of conviction, and I would do it again,” he says. When asked what he misses about the current PSOE, Feijóo replies: “Everything.”

The program has the collaboration of González through a message that Osborne shows Feijóo himself on a mobile. “I know that you have found out that Alberto voted for me in the 1982 elections and you should tell him to be calm because the sins of youth are usually forgotten,” says the former Prime Minister.


The program has the participation of Ayuso and Moreno, who sit with Feijóo and Osborne at a table. “Those are politicians who rule,” the Galician politician comments on the two regional presidents, who precisely this Friday formalized his resignation as president of the Xunta after 13 years.

The presenter tells Ayuso that he sees her happier with this president of the PP (thus implicitly alluding to the internal crisis that the party has experienced and that ended the leadership of Pablo Casado), but Feijóo interrupts to exclaim: “Don’t go into the rag”.


Feijóo recalls in the interview that Manuel Fraga arrived at the presidency of the Xunta de Galicia at the age of 68 and adds that he left at the age of 83. “I’m 60, so the Spaniards get ready, Joke aside,” he says with a laugh.

As for whether he sees himself as President of the Government, the leader of the PP replies: “The key is that the Spanish see me, not that I see myself.” In addition, regarding his resignation as president of the Xunta, he stresses that he has a “bittersweet feeling” because he owes “everything to the Galicians”.

The video that the program has broadcast leaves several questions in the air as a hook for viewers to connect this Saturday. Thus, he asks him, for example, how he gets along with Pedro Sánchez or if he will agree with Vox in case he needed to do so.

The Galician president assures that he has had to give up “privacy” due to his responsibilities and that it is “hard” to settle in Madrid (once he has been elected president of the PP) with a small child.

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