Feet .. Real defeats Liverpool and crowns the European Champions League


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Istanbul / Muthanna Al Ahmad / Anatolia

Real Madrid won the Champions League for the 14th time in its history, Saturday, after beating Liverpool 1-0, in a final hosted by the Stade de France stadium in the French capital, Paris.

The meeting started quietly for more than a quarter of an hour, during which Liverpool had the most possession of the ball, but without creating any opportunity for the Real Madrid goal, which remained in its areas without risking any attempt.

The “Reds” offensive activity took effect at the 16th minute, which witnessed the first real threat in the Real Madrid areas, after a cross ball followed by the Egyptian Mohamed Salah with a smart balma, which was narrowly removed by Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian goalkeeper for Real Madrid managed to block a shot from Thiago Alcantara and another ball from Salah, before contributing to the removal of Liverpool’s most dangerous attempts in the 21st minute when he touched the ends of his hand to the Senegalese Sadio Mane’s shot, which followed its way and hit the right post.

The riyal waited until the 43rd minute to get out of its areas and carry out an attack in which Karim Benzema scored a goal that was canceled by the assistant referee due to an infiltration of the French striker, which was confirmed by the “mouse” technique.

Liverpool continued their attacking pressure at the beginning of the second half, but Real Madrid managed to score after a quick counter-attack led by the Uruguayan Federico Valverde, who passed a wonderful ball that was received by the Brazilian Vinicius Juniors with a touch that shook the net of his compatriot Alison Becker.

After the goal, Liverpool tried to adjust and had many opportunities, the most dangerous of which was Mohamed Salah, who received the ball and hit it strong, but Courtois was present again and sent it away to a corner kick.

The riyal maintained its lead until the final whistle, which announced the victory of the “royal” led by its Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti, who became the first coach to win the title on four occasions (twice with Milan and the same with Real).

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