Families see an “example” the sentence that grants permission to a parent to care for their confined child

The Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF) has achieved a pioneering sentence that recognizes the right of an official to enjoy a paid work permit to care for his minor child who had been confined due to being in close contact with classmates infected by the covid-19.

After this sentence, many families see a “example” to follow and they celebrate the sentence, but they also regret that it is necessary to arrive to court to get parents to obtain paid leave to be able to care for their child in case they test positive for coronavirus.

Many parents become “afraid of losing their job,” says Laura Baena

Laura Baena, founder of the Malasmadres Club and president of the Association I do not quit for conciliation regrets that in two years of pandemic “an automatic mechanism has not yet been established” so that fathers and mothers with positive or quarantined children can stay at home taking care of them and receive paid leave.

Baena acknowledges that the association receives parents desperate due to the situation on a daily basis, since many of them come to “fear of losing your job” and they reach extreme situations such as inventing false positives or having to leave the children with their grandparents, who are the most vulnerable to the virus, or having to request non-retributive leave and lose money or vacations that correspond to them.

“Teleworking is not conciliation” and “a care permit must be regulated”, says Miranda del Corral

The founder and president, in addition, has shown her indignation about the fact that a father or a mother vaccinated with the complete regimen have no right to care for your child who has tested positive or is confined, and yet unvaccinated mothers or fathers yes they can stay at home because they have to quarantine.

an inexcusable duty

From the Union of Families it has been valued that considering the care of boys and girls as a “inexcusable duty” it is a “step forward in the recognition of paid leave for the care of sons and daughters”.

That paid leave is not recognized for parents with children in quarantine is one of the problems

The spokeswoman for the Family Union, Miranda del Corral, stated that the sentence is good news, since it is “a first step to legislate and regularize care permits”. In addition, the spokeswoman is very surprised that it has taken so long to recognize “the care of minor sons and daughters as an inexcusable duty”.

Del Corral goes on to say that “teleworking is not conciliation” and that “a care permit must be regulated”. “There are many cases in which the worker cannot simultaneously care for and telework, especially when for reasons of age or health, among others, there is a situation of dependency,” he specified.

The lack of recognition of paid leave or leave For parents with children in quarantine or isolation, it is one of the great problems of the pandemic. The Government studied it last year, but in the end it was not carried out and this causes difficult situations for many families. Above all, in this sixth wave, with records of infections and without many fathers or mothers having no alternative for the care of their children.


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