Fairphone 2 will remain active for at least another year thanks to e/OS

MADRID, 26 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

The ‘smartphone’ fairphone 2which was launched in 2015, will remain active thanks to the operating system e/OS, based on Android, which will allow it to run its corresponding necessary updates at the ‘software’ level for at least a year.

The technology company that develops this device, known for making sustainable and repairable mobile devices, has always defended the importance of updates of the system because these help solve problems that may occur on the phone.

This defense and interest in extending the useful life of the devices have been evidenced in the Fairphone 2 mobile phone, currently working with Android 10, more than seven years after its launch.

Earlier this year, Fairfone announced that in March I would share a final update of this version of Android. Once installed, users could continue to use their device normally, but that would be the last update of their ‘software’.

“If there is a bug that users expect to be fixed, that will no longer happen,” the firm’s head of IT & Software Longevity, Agnes Crepet, commented at the time. With this, she clarified that no more patches would be released. in case of vulnerabilities.

He also insisted that “some security critical applications“, such as banking, will stop working completely because they do not meet the necessary security requirements to log in to the Fairphone 2.

Therefore, should users decide to continue using this device, they would with the risk of being victims of malicious campaigns. At the ‘hardware’ level, they would not have the necessary parts due to end of stock either.

In order to keep the ‘smartphone’ operational, eFundation has announced which will support the operating system e/OS for, based on Android and independent of Google, at least one year. “Maybe more if the users want it”, has qualified through Twitter.

This means that, once Android stops offering its services at the ‘software’ level, it will have official e/os update support.

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