Explosion controlled by the Tedax of the package sent to a company in Zaragoza similar to that of the Embassy of Ukraine

ZARAGOZA, Nov. 30 (.) –

The Instalaza company, located on Calle Monreal, in the Aragonese capital, received an envelope with similar characteristics to the one that arrived at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid on Wednesday afternoon, although no injuries were reported. The TEDAX has carried out a controlled detonation and no injuries have been reported.

Instalaza is a company from Zaragoza that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of infantry military material. It began its activity in 1943 and has three factories in the Aragonese capital and more than 150 employees. It has commercial representation in more than 35 countries. It produces grenades, bombs and rocket launchers equipping countries around the world, especially the armed forces of Spain and Latin America.

The National Police has activated the protocol corresponding to bomb threats and several mobile UVIs have been moved to the place, according to sources from the Higher Police Headquarters in Aragon. Around 9:00 p.m., TEDAX proceeded to carry out a controlled detonation. In addition, samples have been collected to determine the contents of the envelope.

The explosive letter, which has caused minor injuries to the hand of a worker at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, contained pyrotechnic elements inside. The explosion occurred when the worker, a Ukrainian national, was handling the envelope in a garden area of ​​the legation located at 52 Ronda Abubilla street, in the Madrid district of Hortaleza. The letter was addressed to the ambassador, Sergei Pohoreltsev.

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