Evo and Alanes together with other sectors gathered in the Yungas to coordinate political issues

The former president and leader of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, held a meeting this Saturday with different representatives of the social sectors of the Yungas of La Paz, including Arnold Alanes, leader of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca). , who promoted the installation of the parallel coca market in the Villa El Carmen area of ​​La Paz.

“I was just looking for a meeting with the north of La Paz. I think that here I feel that in the north of La Paz the leader of the MAS-IPSP does not have much control, there are more social forces. Each department, each region has its own particularity. That is why the compañero deputy and compañero Ramírez said, see it with the most representatives to have how to program, debate ideological, programmatic, organic issues of the political part, ”said Morales, according to Kawsachun Coca radio.

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The former president said that the meeting is to schedule a debate agenda. The MAS deputy, Gladys Quispe, was also present at the meeting.

He mentioned that he was coordinating meetings with Yungueño representatives and “he was also with compañero Arnold (Alanes) and some compañeros communicated (with me) by telephone.”

The MAS leader considers it important to schedule meetings to discuss ideological, programmatic and organic issues in the north of La Paz.

He recalled that last week he met with representatives of the 16 provinces of the La Paz highlands in the Cochabamba Tropics and they scheduled a workshop-seminar.

The meeting took place prior to the expanded regional MAS in La Paz, which will take place this Sunday, June 11, in the main square of Achica Arriba and will be attended by Evo Morales.

Regarding the coca growers of the Yungas, Alanes heads the parallel leadership of Adepcoca and is the one who set up a second coca market in the Villa El Carmen area. On September 8, in the midst of confrontations, members of Adepcoca Orgánica took over that market, demanding its closure as they considered it illegal. For this case, several coca grower leaders from Adepcoca organica were imprisoned at the complaint of Alanes.

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