Everything you need to know to vote by mail in the Andalusian elections

On April 26, the Andalusian Parliament called new regional elections scheduled for June 19, 2022. Andalusians can apply from April 28 to June 9 (included) to vote by mail in order to The elections.

The residents in Spain they will have until June 16 to send their vote, while those who live abroad will be able to send them to the consulate until the fifth day before the election; namely, until June 14.

We detail below everything you need to know to be able to cast the vote by mail in accordance with the stipulated deadlines and requirements.

Telematic vote request

To begin, you must request within the aforementioned period (until June 9) the certificate of your registration in the Andalusian electoral census, an essential requirement to be able to vote by mail and that can be requested electronically through the Correos website or in person at any office in the country.

On the web, the interested party must prove their identity by means of an electronic signature and natural person certificates recognized by the Ministry of Industry and the electronic DNI will be accepted as valid identification systems, as reported by Correos on its website.

Application for voting in person at the Post Office

In addition, the request to vote by mail can be made at all Post Offices in Spain, personally by each voter, except in the case of accredited illness or disabilitywhen another person may be authorized.

At the time of making the request, those interested must prove their identity by presenting the original DNI, passport or driving license to the employee of the post office.

Appointment available

With a view to speeding up the procedures and avoiding waiting, the company offers the option of making an appointment to request a vote in offices, through the mobile application, the Correos website or the virtual office.

Correos will deliver the applications received to the Provincial Delegations of the Electoral Census Office in Andalusia, who will send the applicants, as of May 30, the documentation they need to be able to vote by mail.

The company has assured that it is putting all the technological, logistical and human resources necessary to guarantee the fulfillment of the commitments entrusted to it in the electoral processes.

vote from abroad

In the event that you reside abroad, you must fill out the request for a certificate to vote by mail and attach one of the following documents: photocopy of the DNI, photocopy of the passport, certificate of nationality or certification of registration in the Registration Registry Consular.

The request added to one of these four documents must be sent, according to the Ministry’s website, and can be sent by mail or fax or also electronically.

Next, the Census Office will send the documentation to be able to vote and you can do so at the available ballot boxes at the embassy or consulate (between the fourth and second day prior to the day of the elections) or send it by certified mail, in this case, as very late must be five days before the elections.


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