Even the Kremlin fears Putin: “The coup in Russia is no longer unthinkable”

The Kremlin would be leaving Putin alone, fed up with the madness of the Ukraine invasion, and they could be preparing a coup against the dictator, according to Lorena Sáez in La Razón.

Sáez mentions an article by Mark Galeotti, author of a biography of the Russian president and professor at the University College of London in the Daily Mail.

“Few in the inner circle of the Kremlin have a face-to-face audience with President Vladimir Putin these days“, who is terrified of catching the coronavirus.

Galeotti also reveals that the governor of the russian central bank tendered her resignationbut Putin refused to accept it. “Russia’s disastrous military invasion of Ukraine is throwing the economy ‘into the bin’, Elvira Nabiullina told him in an online meeting. After denying him the resignation because he needs it to stabilize the markets, the dictator cut the call.

According to the expert, in the Kremlin each time there is “a greater concern” and pessimism spreads about an invasion that they already qualify as a catastrophic mistake” that could condemn Russia “to years of isolation”. “Putin has stopped listening to almost everyone. Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev is one of the few people he still listens to.”

Criticism comes from the nationalists and the more socially liberal technocrats, from the uniforms and the suits.

The problem is that Putin “will not tolerate dissent nor any opinion that contradicts his.” “Most of the president’s other advisers and ministers are not Putinists,” but they are terrified of him. Only if enough are united against Putin would they stage a mutiny. “The coup in Russia is no longer unthinkable. But it would take an alliance of senior figures in the military, government and security services.”

“If Putin resorts to tactical nuclear strikes in Ukraine, that could very well be the catalyst for a coup.”and the prime minister would take power, Mikhail Mishustin, known for being opposed to the war although “he has never said so directly”.

“The pragmatists in the Kremlin know that a tactical nuclear attack would be an even greater catastrophe than the initial invasion. NATO would be forced to respond, as would China, to end the Putin regime, whatever the cost. That growing group of dissidents in Moscow may well be prepared to act against their leader first, both for their own survival and perhaps for the survival of Russia itself.

But it won’t be easy. Putin is paranoid about the threat of an attack and he asks different people to try his food before him. ANDLast month, it replaced its entire 1,000-person staff.


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