Europe exceeds two million deaths from covid-19


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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported on the more than two million deaths from covid-19 in Europe. Its European delegation based in Copenhagen deals with more than 50 countries in the region.

The WHO-Europe has indicated, through an official statement, that although this number is “devastating“, only represents a “fraction” in the number of global deaths as a result, directly or indirectly, of covid-19.

In a past report published by the WHO, it was confirmed that the total death toll was much higher than expected and that that number rose to 14.9 million peoplein front of the 6.2 million notified officially.

Despite the fact that cases of coronavirus continue to decline, the WHO has recalled that the numbers continue to be “too tall” and the virus remains”mortal“, especially for all the unvaccinated and vulnerable people. The epidemiological report published this Thursday has indicated that the pandemic has maintained the lowest figures since the end of March with 3.5 million new cases reported in the last week in the world, as well as 12,000 deaths.

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