Eugenio Semino: “The retirees are dying”

By the inflationary jump of recent monthsthe last of the passage of Alberto Fernandez in the Executive, and the “stagflation” projection for the first steps of management Javier Mileiexists the demand for an urgent increase for retirees and pensionersone of the most economically vulnerable sectors, facing the beginning of 2024.

The Defender of the Elderly, Eugenio Seminomaintained that, throughout 2023, “the assets lost 40 points”. In turn, he denounced that the government, with Sergio Massa as Minister of Economy, “only implemented patches” for “cover up the delicate situation that is being experienced.”

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“The situation doesn’t matter anymore. All of us who provide direct assistance are seeing this. People die or are left on the streets. It is a really serious scenario,” he denounced, in dialogue with PERFIL.

The rationale behind this claim, in addition to the ‘hits’ What the sector has been suffering for years, beyond the colors and names of the ballots and the men or women behind economic policy, is that “mobility of 20.8% as of December 1 disappeared if we take into account the price increases in recent months and projections for March“, where the next application of the Mobility Lawalready with Freedom Advances at the head of the Executive.

Online, he argued: “The last basket of retirees, with housing data, As of October, there was an expense of $313,000. At the end of December, if we only update it for the general level of inflation, It’s going to be around 400 thousand. And we have almost 80% of retirees are in the minimum and that, with the bonus, they will barely reach $160,000with which they will also absorb the price increases of the next quarter. The situation is unsustainable, critical“.

It should be noted that two of the last three months, August and September, more specifically, had a double-digit variation in the CPI, 12.4% and 12.7%, respectively; something unprecedented since the beginning of the 90’s. And that the trend, according to Survey of Market Expectations (REM) of the Central Bank, It would be maintained, or even deepened, in December and the first quarter of 2024.

“The bonds were used for electoral purposes and must be part of the assets”

Currently, The minimum asset is $105,712.61which at the end of 2023 will become $160,712.61not including the bonus, also present in the current month, considering the extraordinary bonus of $50 thousand that ANSES will deliverwhich Semino criticized by considering that “all administrations They used them sporadically, for electoral purposesTo pretend the very poor of retirements”.

The situation is serious, but it is not new. It deepened throughout Massa’s administration, because there was high inflation and instead of taking measures An attempt was made to disguise the situation with black bondsnon-remunerative, which we have been proposing, and we also do it again, that have to be members of the asset“he added.

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In this sense, he stressed that The measures taken by the government, in the middle of the electoral process, did not work. “In ANSES credits, with low rates, it must be said, most retirees used them to survive. They transferred the $400,000 from one bank to another or paid the rent or owed expenses,” he said.

And online, he also placed the magnifying glass in those who do not earn the minimum and that, many times, are not reached by the different provisions of the National State. “Those who earn a minimal but superior difference, in this entire process, They are losing even more. The pyramid ended up becoming a large plateau“he warned.

“There is three million retirees who do not receive any bonus, ever, and who earn 150 lucas, not a million. To have a clear map, those who paid Profits, in the national regime, were 160 thousand over almost eight million. They are middle class people who fell into the void. Today medicines are not consumed according to the doctor’s order in terms of dosage but based on what one has in one’s pocket. I have been working in Gerontology for forty years. and what I see today I have never experienced“he emphasized.

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Finally, he asked urgent measures by the elected president, Javier Milei, and although he stressed that “this situation It cannot be attributed to a management that begins“He maintained that “someone has to take charge.”

“Although I am at the antipodes of their ideology, I respect Osvaldo Giordano a lot and I know that he understands a lot of this and of the problem that we retirees are in“he concluded.


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