Esteban Paz and his first words of what would be his farewell to Liga de Quito after more than 20 years working in the ‘U’

University Sports League closed 2023 winning the South American Cup and the Pro League. Now the goal is set on Cup Winners Cup to be played in February 2024. Although everything should be a party, at the leadership level there are differences that are affecting the team in sports.

The struggle between the top leaders of the ‘U’ is due to the fact that Esteban Paz wants one path and Isaac Álvarez wants another for the future of the Quito League. Differences have emerged between the two, even more so when in 2024 there will be elections for the LDU Football Commission and everything indicates that Stephen Paz He will not continue in the ‘U’ after more than 20 years on the board.

The departure of Esteban Paz entails several changes in sports

Everything is a thread that starts from the ‘almost certain’ separation of Esteban Paz, since it is worth remembering that in an interview with Gol Noticias from Gol TV, Esteban Paz announced Paolo Guerrero’s condition for his renewal with the ‘U’: “Paolo Guerrero asked to stay on the condition that Zubeldía stays”.

This led to another condition, this time from the Argentine strategist Luis Zubeldia who mentioned that he wants to stay in Liga de Quito as long as he continues Esteban Paz. “The Paz are League and deserve respect.” For this reason, given the imminent departure of the leader, the coach will not renew. In interview with Firstfruits, Isaac Álvarez confirmed that the strategist will not continue in the albos.

Farewell words from Esteban Paz?

Everything points to Esteban Paz leaving Liga de Quito and before leaving, in an interview with Carlos Andrés Vera, it would seem that he gave his first farewell words, telling about the League’s liabilities and the liability signatures. “There are many people who misuse and misreport the issue of liabilities, they are not a problem in Liga de Quito, liabilities are important, they are not small, they are large… We are delivering three times the value of liabilities.”said the historic LDU manager who has been linked to the club for more than 20 years.

“As a result of 2018, when we became champions and the mandate ended, President Guillermo Romero realized that there is no prince of Qatar who puts up the money, that there is no Pachuca group that comes and puts up a dollar. Those are lies. When he realizes that the League’s budget is not a toy, it is 20 to 30 million depending on the moment. There will always be a deficit, but you have to control it, you have to know how to manage it.”culminated in what would seem to be a farewell where he points out how he leaves the heritage of the ‘U’.

Miguel Ángel Loor says goodbye to Esteban Paz

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