ERC proposes to reform the law so that attending the selection is no longer mandatory

Republican Left has registered a law proposal to modify the sports law, with the purpose that the presence of any player in a call for the selection ceases to be considered a duty and is exclusively a right.

Likewise, the political party has issued a statement in which it adds in its proposal the capacity for free choice applied to any athlete to decide whether or not to attend the call.

The news that part of the female players of the Spanish team They have been forced to be part of the selectionwhen they have specifically issued previous statements renouncing being part of it, has reopened the debate on the obligation to attend the calls of the state federations.

The current law sanctions resignation

Opt out of participating may entail a series of sanctions supported by the current Sports Law. Among the punishments, they explain, they can involve very high fines and the suspension of the federal license.

“From ERC we have repeatedly asked that this obligation be suspended, supporting us in the defense of the autonomy of the will of the athletes, as well as in the arbitrariness with which the so-called sanctions are applied“they have defended.

The training he leads Gabriel Rufian He also wanted to remember that “every year, there are great male stars of great recognition and world fame who are absent from state calls alleging personal reasonswithout any type of problem arising.

ERC has stated that, before the lack of structural changes in the Federation sued by the players as a result of the ‘Rubiales case’, with the aim of guaranteeing equality and non-discrimination of gender, has led to “them being coerced to be part of a space in which they do not wish to be and in which that they don’t feel safe.”

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