ERC and Bildu register text so that the Congress supports the position of the UN and all the groups are portrayed

The intention is to vote in plenary on April 5, after Albares’ visit to Rabat


Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and EH Bildu have registered an initiative for the plenary session of Congress to support the position of the United Nations, in favor of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara, which will allow all parliamentary groups to portray themselves on this issue after the turn taken by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, by endorsing the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco.

Specifically, the non-law proposal registered by these two usual partners of the Government, seeks to get Congress to ratify its support for the UN resolutions and the United Nations Mission for the referendum in the former Spanish colony.

And that it does so with “the conviction that only dialogue, negotiation and agreement carried out in a constructive manner and in accordance with International Law will help to reach a fair, realistic, viable, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution in the Sahara”.

The ERC and Bildu groups have registered their initiative just one day after the appearance in the Foreign Affairs Commission of the minister of the branch, José Manuel Albares, a meeting in which all the opposition groups, and also United We Can, criticized that the Government has unilaterally changed its traditional opinion on the dispute over the former Spanish colony.


The text will be qualified next Tuesday by the Congress Table and the intention of the signatory groups is that it can be debated on April 5, in the quota of non-law propositions that corresponds to EH Bildu, according to Europa Press sources. parliamentary

It will be the first vote on this dispute after the Government’s change of opinion and will take place four days after Albares visits Rabat to prepare for the trip to Morocco that Sánchez himself plans to make “soon”.

But first, the chief executive will discuss this matter before the plenary session, specifically next Wednesday, a session in which, as he did this Wednesday with Albares, the entire opposition and his government partners will censor his actions.

So do ERC and Bildu in their text where they criticize that the Executive has made that decision without “consulting or sharing it” with any of the groups in Congress, “contravening the majority consensus of the Chamber.”


“A decision of such political significance that, in addition to entailing a change in the historical position held until now, could trigger diplomatic consequences with Western Sahara itself, Algeria and Morocco cannot be adopted with its back to the majority will of Congress,” he argues. the Catalan and Basque separatists in his initiative.

In addition to criticizing the lack of “transparency” with which the Executive has conducted itself on an issue of “such political and social importance”, the usual allies of the Government warn in their proposal of the possible consequences that this shift could have in the field economic and energetic.

“The political path to resolve the conflict between Western Sahara and the Kingdom of Morocco based on the various UN resolutions that advocate a negotiated and satisfactory solution for the parties promoted by MINURSO today has the endorsement of the international and European institutions, as well as the social and political majority represented in this House”, reads the initiative.


This vote will put the PSOE in a bind, despite the fact that the Government and the party maintain that there has been no change of opinion and that Sánchez’s pronouncement pointing to the path of autonomy as “the most serious, credible and realistic basis for the resolution” of this matter does not collide with the position of the United Nations, which always refers to an agreement between the parties.

But also to United We Can, some of whose deputies displayed Saharawi flags last Tuesday in the hemicycle, which will now have to decide whether to distance itself, also with the votes, from Sánchez’s position.

In addition, it will serve to make it clear if other groups such as the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos criticize only the ways in which the Executive has conducted itself in this field or also the substance of its decision, and whether or not they defend that every solution goes through a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara.


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