Erasing the traces of the hand that rocks the cradle

There are many lobbies, think tanks and interest groups swirling around the big political decisions. All seek to influence institutions so that policies are developed in accordance with their interests, ideologies or values. But these spheres of influence, which are not accessible to all citizens, are also not transparent in the eyes of the electorate.

These pressure groups operate by supporting candidates of their interest, with coups or wars

It is not always easy to have access to information on such basic issues as who they are or who is putting up the money so that these pressure groups can operate supporting candidates of your interest, coups or wars to achieve its economic or geopolitical objectives, and sometimes when the digital trail surfaces and appears in investigations that can shed light on these issues, it suddenly disappears.

In this article I develop the deletion of content on the network, after the publication of research on the organizations that finance Atlantic Council, the foundations of Atlas Network operating in dirty digital campaigns in different countries and meetings of Reagan with the Mujahideen viralized after the agreement with the Taliban and the withdrawal of Afghanistan from the US.

Atlantic Council, shaping the global future

Perhaps to those who read these lines the name of Atlantic Councilthink tank NATO-linked American – may also not know his slogan “shaping the global future together.” But if I tell you who is its president for Europe and Latin America perhaps the photograph becomes a little clearer; It is neither more nor less than Jose Maria Aznar.

The general public may also not be able to say the name of a single strategic advisor to this think tank Atlantic with a presence all over the world, but if I tell you that one of them is Rafael Bardají -former adviser to the Aznar government, member of the executive of Vox and director of international policy for FAES for 11 years – photography becomes a little sharper.

So what is the lack of transparency?

The reader might assume that this type of organization is financed through advisory services; Well, for example, since 2018 Atlantic Council is Facebook’s main partner in the fight against disinformation in electoral processes. It is striking that the person most responsible for protecting the truth on Facebook during the elections in Europe and Latin America is Aznar, who would lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify a war, or who created the biggest fake news in the history of Spain -that the Atocha attack of 2004 was perpetrated by ETA-. Or that it has advisers such as Bardají, a collaborator for more than 15 years in Digital Freedom and that he was also a columnist for The Gazette; two media that shine for the absence of journalistic rigor and the habitual diffusion of false news.

Since 2018, the Atlantic Council has been Facebook’s main partner in the fight against disinformation

And indeed no, it is not through this type of collaboration that the Atlantic Council is financed; The Koch family is one of its largest donors, where we also find large banks such as HSBC or Bank Pekao, large investment groups such as Goldman Sachs or System Capital Management, vulture funds such as Blackstone or Blackrock, oil companies such as Abu Dhabi National Oil Company or Chevron , large mining companies such as African Rainbow Minerals and major technology companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook or Microsoft. Relevant information that he denounced in a Tweet where I attached the link that gave you all the information, but which currently takes you to the home page, from you can view its history.

When looking at the infinite list of large corporations that finances the Atlantic Council, it is surprising to see Facebook at the financial peak that donates more than a million dollars. And it is that the relationship between both organizations goes beyond the merely economic. Ben Nimmo, until recently head of intelligence for the Atlantic Council, occupies the same position on Facebook, being responsible for the elimination of thousands of Sandinista accounts and pages days before the elections in Nicaragua, alleging inauthentic activity with false accounts, a fact that researcher Benjamin Norton has shown it to be false in an article in The Grayzone, showing dozens of real Sandinista militants who were eliminated from the network, and who soon after did the same on other platforms that finance the think tank NATO as Twitter or Youtube.

The Ronald Reagan government trained, armed, financed and supplied the Contras to overthrow the Sandinista Revolution, through the CIA and a network of accounts in Switzerland.

This action is reminiscent of a version 2.0 of the US intervention during the government of Ronald reagan that trained, armed, financed and supplied the Contras In order to overthrow the Sandinista Revolution, through the CIA and a network of accounts in Switzerland, everything indicates that his vice-president George Bush, former director of the intelligence service a few years ago, was in command. When it was discovered that the money to finance the terrorist group came from the sale of arms to Iran, it was a political scandal that led to the transfer to the NED and USAID of the management of resources to finance organizations, media and politicians that destabilize non-governmental governments. desired. In the case of Nicaragua, those appeals against Sandinismo continued, in favor of a political alternative around the Chamorro family.

The Afghanistan War, a photo and an oil pipeline

A photograph taken at the White House on February 2, 1983 shows Ronald reagan with whom he called “warriors of freedom”. That photograph with the mujahideen It went viral on social media when the Taliban took control of Kabul and the presidential palace without resistance from the armies and governments of Afghanistan and the United States. For a few days the image was deleted of the Ronald Reagan bookstore-museum dependent on the US government.

The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban called into question the management of the United States, not only for leaving the country leaving it in the hands of “terrorists”, but also for financing their origin. Reagan’s encounters with the Freedom Fighters are included in a plan designed by the CIA called Operation Cyclone, which obviated the dangers that they would entail for the world, blinded by their obsession: to strike down the USSR and all traces of communism or socialism.

According to declassified documents, the operations to finance, arm and train subversive forces that used jihad to destroy Soviet infidels, not only reached the mujahideen to overthrow the Afghan communist government and the USSR army, with their intervention in defense of US interference. Funding of more than $ 8 billion also served to create a madrasa network along the entire Pakistani border that received and trained minor refugees from the war in Afghanistan in the jihadist radicalization with the texts designed and written at the University of Nebraska with funding from the USAID of more than 50 million dollars.

Thousands of religious radicals summoned by the international call to wage holy war carried out by Bin Laden, hired by the CIA, also attended the madrasas. These are the main origin of jihadist groups such as AlQaeda, the Taliban or ISIS, they were also financed by Saudi Arabia.

Afghanistan is a geostrategic enclave both from a military, political and economic point of view

This makes us reflect on the inexplicable, why if 15 of the 19 terrorists who committed the September 11 attacks They were Saudis and none were Afghan or Iraqi, Afghanistan and Iraq were the invaded countries, if to this we add that during the attacks George Bush Sr. was meeting with Osama Bin Laden’s older brother in an investor assembly of Carlyle group, a company that multiplied its profits from the fateful date, or even more inexplicable, why the only people who flew over the United States by plane during the following 72 hours were 142 Saudis, including 24 members of the Bin Laden family .

Furthermore, Afghanistan is a geostrategic enclave both from a military, political and economic point of view. The so-called Gas Pipeline has been projected on it for decades TAPI -Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India-, which would make it possible to avoid dependence on Russia for the supply of natural gas. This pipeline has been planned for so long that George W. Bush was still Governor of Texas when a Taliban delegation met with him and UNOCAL -Union Oil Company of California- to agree to the creation of the same.

And that gas pipeline is so important for the United States that after the invasion of Afghanistan it appointed a UNOCAL adviser, Hamid Karzai, as president, and seeing that after almost 20 years not a single kilometer was built due to the territorial control of the Taliban , Donald Trump took steps to free the Taliban leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar, with the efforts of his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who was also present at the Doha peace accords, where the liberation of 5,000 Taliban from jail and withdrawal of American troopsIn the agreements, it was also present to ensure the construction of the TAPI.

A few months later, US troops withdrew as the Afghan army deserted en masse, the country’s president fled and the Taliban advanced without resistance. Today the construction of the first kilometers of the TAPI in Afghanistan seems closer to the Taliban protection.

Atlas Network connections

As with the Atlantic Council, many will not be familiar with the name of Atlas Network, but if we talk about the FAES de Aznar, the International Foundation for the Freedom of Mario Vargas Llosa, the Fundación Pensar by Mauricio Macri or the Ecuador Libre Foundation by Guillermo LassoSurely many do. All of them belong to this conglomerate of think tanks ultra-liberals based in Virginia.

More than 500 organizations belong to this Virginia-based conglomerate of ultra-liberal think tanks.

Until this fall it was possible to make a complete map of the more than 500 foundations that comprise it, but they also decided to eliminate their traces by erasing all this information from their website, limiting themselves to showing a map indicating how many foundations are part of this network in each country. , something that we can attest again thanks to

It is likely that they decided to erase the list of foundations after the succession of scandals such as the publication of the Pandora Papers splashing the Latin American leadership, the appointment of one of its members as an advisor to the Generalitat despite lacking credentials, support for hit of State in Latin America and participation in social media campaigns through the massive use of fake news Y bots to try to influence public discourse.


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