Enrique Santiago has no doubts that Yolanda Díaz will be a candidate and it “shocks” him sometimes that Podemos presses

He is in favor of including Más País in the unity project and predicts a general agreement with Podemos for the May elections

MADRID, Jan. 1 (.) –

The leader of the IU and general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, has proclaimed that he has no doubt that the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, will announce that she will be a candidate for the next general elections and “sometimes he is shocked” by the rush of Podemos to to reveal their plans, when they were the ones who appointed her to be in charge.

He has also been in favor of seeking to include formations such as Más País in the future unity project and predicts that there will be a general agreement between the IU and Podemos for joint lists in the May elections.

In an interview with Europa Press, he stressed that Díaz, who has not yet revealed his decision regarding his candidacy, has an “absolutely linked social leadership and that comes” from the opinion that a very important sector of the citizenry has of her, with “very high” support rates for his management.

In this way, she has emphasized that she is the “natural leader” of the political space of United We Can and also, in her opinion, of the “all of the left of this country very clearly.”

“I have no doubt that Yolanda Díaz is going to be the candidacy, sincerely, for the Presidency of the Government”, the deputy spokesman for United We Can delved into Congress to predict that her step forward will not be a problem, so who advises waiting for “when she announces it, how she announces it and with what conditions she does it”.


Questioned about the attitude of Podemos that urges Díaz to clarify his plans and his project, Santiago has admitted that he sees it as “strange” because it was the purple formation that precisely appointed Yolanda Díaz as the top leader of the confederate space.

However, he has opined that it is also “important” to give assurances” from everyone because in United We Can “no one is left over” and its members must be “at ease”, in addition to expanding the confluence on the left with collectives and other forces policies, that “hopefully they end up linking up sooner rather than later” to build a political project that reflects the aspirations of the social majority. “And that no one has any doubts that Díaz is going to be the one to lead it,” he insisted.

Regarding the role that the political formations will have together with the Sumar platform, he has detailed that the banner movement for Díaz is in the construction phase and its aspiration is to link “many people who are not part of the party structures”, without them this implies “replacing them” but incorporating “everything that is necessary” to gestate the unity of the progressives.


Therefore, and asked if he is in favor of trying to include Más País or Compromís in this project promoted by Díaz in the face of the general elections, the IU leader has shown himself to be in favor: “of course, without any problem.”

On whether this alliance of the current confederate space and these political forces should already take place in the May elections, he has made it clear that on the part of United We Can “there is no resistance” and they have already “very clearly demonstrated” their willingness to unite with others actors to the left of the PSOE with a view to these elections.

But he has specified that they have to be “respectful” of the political decisions of the sister organizations in each territory” and that if they decide not to join a project that aspires to be the majority now, they must respect it. Of course, he has opted to continue opening them the doors” for “later on” the conditions for that possible “entry” are met, promoting collaboration and political coordination with these parties.


Santiago has indicated, regarding his expectations of coalition agreements between Podemos and IU for the regional and municipal elections, that he has no doubt that they will take place in all the regions and in the majority of towns in Spain. A confluence that “is not the expression of a wish but the verification of a reality”, since there are already close “ties” between the forces of the confederate space.

Therefore, he has proclaimed that the places where there is no agreement to go together to the May elections “is going to be the anecdote” because the bases of Podemos, IU and Alianza Verde work “together” in the regions, something that sometimes it is stopped from being assessed due to “disagreements of criteria at the state level”.

Regarding relations with the purple formation after being relieved as Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Santiago has asserted that they are “absolutely normalized” and that there is a level of “very high understanding” at different levels.

“Everyone is assuming that improving this country depends on unity and expansion that must be put before any discrepancy, that there are and will be over time because they are different parties and that must be addressed from normality”, he concluded .

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