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Iván Marquez, leader of the Segunda Marquetalia, would have died at the age of 68 as confirmed, this Thursday, July 6, by the dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). According to El Tiempo de Bogotá, Colombian government sources assure that the guerrilla is dead

The guerrilla leader Iván Marquez died at the age of 68, as confirmed on Thursday, July 6, by the dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

This Thursday night, the daily Time de Bogotá pointed out that Colombian government sources “have just confirmed the version that has been circulating about the death of the guerrilla Luciano Marín, alias Iván Márquez.”

“officially” The outlet asked if the head of Segunda Marquetalia had died in the last few hours and an official source indicated that it was true.

The newspaper indicated that Danilo Rueda, peace commissioner, traveled to Bogotá. An official pronouncement on the subject is not ruled out.

Earlier, it was learned that intelligence agencies of the Colombian government are activated to verify the versions about the death of the guerrilla Márquez.

In colombia, CM Notice Center& de Yamit Amat was the first media outlet to confirm the death of the dissident chief on Thursday afternoon.

Change de Colombia recalled that, in June 2022, a bounty hunter commando tried to kill Luciano Marín Arango, better known as Iván Márquez. After the attack, the guerrilla, leader of the Second Marquetalia, lost an arm, had a leg in poor condition and a splinter from the attack had affected his brain.

The Colombian media emphasize that Márquez would have died in Venezuelan territory.

Change indicated: “Sources in Venezuela said that the shrapnel wound was complicated a few days ago, despite the fact that he had shown a notable general improvement in health.”

On July 10, 2022, the FARC dissidence that calls itself Segunda Marquetalia released a statement in video format in which they stated that Iván Márquez was alive, denying the first versions that spoke of his death on the site where they was attacked. They then admitted that Márquez suffered an attack on June 29 of last year from which he was able to escape.

On December 7 of last year, Time He pointed out that Iván Márquez left the medical center where he was being held in Caracas and was transferred to a secret point near the border with Colombia “with the help of the National Armed Forces (FAN).”

Against Márquez, 73 arrest warrants related to various crimes and attacks were issued. Among the charges against him are the ambushes perpetrated against National Army patrols as well as the assaults on corregimientos in Valencia de Sebastián (Cauca) in 1989 and in Río Grande de Turbo, Pueblo Bello, Giraldo, Peque, Dabeiba and San Pedro de Urabá (Antioquia) in 1994.

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