Eight tips from experts to achieve greater savings and efficiency when using the air conditioner

MADRID, July 14. (Portaltic/EP) –

air conditioning equipment they are converting in the best ally of many Spanish households in this second heat wave, which is hitting all of Spain during this summer week, with temperatures above 45 degrees in many cities. Therefore, experts recommend users and companies to take into account a series of tips to achieve a greater savings and efficiency when using these devices.

In this context, it is important to have equipment that allows you to enjoy a good atmosphere and that provides the best indoor air qualityhand in hand with the latest generation filtering technologies, together with the best temperature regulation, without posing a problem when it comes to paying the electricity bill and without the price per kilowatt hour (kwh) keeping consumers awake at night.

In this sense, the experts from Mitsubishi Electric, a leading firm in the air conditioning sector, offer a series of tips for using air conditioners correctly, achieving “the greatest energy savings and the least environmental impact”, as explained through a statement.


The first of the tips comes at the time of purchase. “It seems obvious, but here the importance of preferably using a team that includes the highest energy classification A +++. At first it may involve a greater investment, but in the medium term the savings are undoubtedly worth it”, say the experts, recalling that a high-end air conditioning unit may have a useful life of 15 years.

In this sense, they give the MSZ-LN Kirigamine Style series by Mitsubishi Electric as an example, which has the help of elements such as the 3D Isee Sensor, an intelligent presence system that analyzes the interior conditions of the room to direct the air to the area where it is most needed, thus achieving optimize air flow and reduce consumption.

Equipment maintenance also directly influences savings. The accumulation of dirt on the filters makes the appliance consume much more. For this reason, it is very important to carry out regular checks, either by yourself or by a specialist, and clean the filters regularly to ensure optimal operation of the equipment.

The experts also insist that it is necessary to be clear that the consumption of the equipment at a specific time does not mark the consumption of the entire year. In air conditioning, the annual consumption is calculated “weighting the operating regime of the machine based on the outside temperature, the partial load and the standardized operating hours”.


Current technology makes it possible to have tools or applications that are capable of detailing the estimated annual consumption of any model of the domestic air conditioning range. Mitsubishi Electric offers this option to its users and achieves in this way, comparing the low energy consumption of air conditioners compared to other household appliances“demystifying the high consumption for air conditioning”.

Another point that experts emphasize is the importance of have good thermal insulation. This point makes it easier to avoid changes in temperature that have an impact on final consumption. “In addition, it is very important to take advantage of the hours of less heat, such as the first hours of the morning and the last hours of the night, to ventilate the stays, as well as try camouflage the light so that the sun’s rays do not increase the interior temperature of the houses”, they add.

In this way, the user has the possibility of programming the temperature of the appliance in a more stable way, which “greatly influences consumption”. A stable temperature is around 23 and 25 degrees.

This can be executed in a simpler way thanks to new technologies and the WiFi connection of the most modern air conditioners, which allow access all the information on the device and control it from anywhere. Specifically, the MSZ-LN Kirigamine Style series from Mitsubishi Electric has the MELCloud system, an integrated Wi-Fi control that allows you to program and adjust the activation hours to the maximum.

Finally, it is highly recommended receive information from technicians specialized in air conditioning. “We must not forget that no one knows the devices more than the specialists, installation technicians and manufacturers themselves,” the experts conclude.

The company shares these and other tips in a radio format, ‘The Mitsubishi Electric Podcast’, available on platforms such as Spotify or Ivoox, with the aim that the consumer “is informed of current trends and can apply them in their day-to-day “.

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