Eight former mayors will go to trial for irregularities in the award of public contracts within the Punic

New key resolution within the Punic. Eight former mayors, the majority from the Community of Madrid, will go to trial in relation to alleged irregularities in the award to the cofely company of public contracts between 2012 and 2014. This is a new decision of the magistrate of the National Court Manuel García Castellón within the Púnica case.

This Tuesday, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office asked the judge investigating the Punica case to lift the accusation of the former Madrid president Hope Aguirre for the alleged irregular financing of the Madrid PP because he did not see sufficient evidence to sit on the bench. He also asked that his successor in the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González, be removed from the investigation.

Later, the judge in the case agreed to open an oral trial for former Madrid councilor Francisco Granados for the alleged illegal awarding of contracts at parties in various municipalities governed by the PP between 2004 and 2013.

Six mayors of the PP

Now, in an order dated Wednesday and to which the EFE agency has had access, the magistrate sends almost forty people to trial, including David Marjalizaconsidered a partner of Granados and alleged “achiever” of the investigated contracts. Together with this businessman, who has been collaborating with the justice system for years, eight former mayors will sit on the bench, 6 of them from the PPone from the PSOE and another from the Madrilenian Democratic Union (UDMA).

Among those investigated are the former mayors of Parla, José María Fraile (PSOE); from Móstoles, Daniel Ortiz, also a former ‘popular’ deputy in the Madrid Assembly; from Collado Villalba, Agustín Juárez López de Coca (PP); from Valdemoro, José Carlos Boza Lechuga (PP); from Moraleja de En Medio, Carlos Alberto Estrada (PP); from Torrejón de Velasco, Gonzalo Cubas Navarro (PP); from Serranillos del Valle, Antonio Sánchez Fernández (UDMA), and from Almendralejo, José García Lobato (PP).

In the case of this last council, although no contract was awarded to Cofely, the judge believes that the mayor did allegedly provide information from the file, so he is being prosecuted for disclosing confidential information.

The magistrate orders the confiscation of the “gifts given to the authorities, officials and collaborators accused in this document and of the illicit profits obtained” by Marjaliza and her “cooperators/front men”, as well as by those accused of money laundering.


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