Eight dead and 13 wounded in a new shooting in Serbia

The Serbian police has announced an operation “hunt and catch” because of a shooting that ended this Thursday night with eight dead and 13 injured. The author, according to witnesses, was traveling alone and armed inside a vehicle, from which he got out and opened fire.

According to the Serbian news agency tanjuglthe attack took place in the town of Mladenovac60 km from belgrade. Specifically, the shooting occurred in the village of dubonnecurrently surrounded by the Police, who are searching all the houses in three of the villages surrounding Mladenovac.

The search device has 600 agents of the special units. They track down 21-year-old UB, who, according to Serbian media, is the son of a military man.

Among the deceased is a policeman who was off duty at the time of the events and his sister. As for the 13 injured, most have been transferred to various hospitals in Smederevo and Belgrade, where two of them, aged 21 and 23 and in very critical conditionThey have been operated on.

The crime has been described as a “terrorist act” by the Serbian Interior Minister, Bratislav Gasic. It is not the only armed attack that has occurred in the Serbian country in recent days.

This new shooting comes just hours after a 13-year-old student shot dead eight students and a security guard at a school in the Belgian capital, leaving seven others hospitalized and a shocked country. What happened two days ago led the Minister of Education, branko ruzic, to declare three days of national mourning for being the first massacre in a Belgian school. This Friday would be the third day of mourning.

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