Eid message of the reis-l-ulema FROM Serbia: I hope that by fasting and learning the Qur’an we have found peace in the heart


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I hope that by fasting, learning the Qur’an, prayer, almsgiving and zakat, we have succeeded in freeing our hearts to God during the Shahri-Ramadan, breaking the chains and shackles of hatred towards our brother, and finding peace in our souls and hearts with the faith we love. said today in a message on the occasion of the upcoming Ramadan Eid reis-l-ulema of the Islamic Community of Serbia Sead efendija Nasufović, reports Anadolu Agency (.).

He reminded of the difficult years of the pandemics, the wars in Ukraine and Syria, and numerous riots and earthquakes in many places in the world, and warned that “new crises and misfortunes are widely announced”.

“I’m not sure if we’re honest enough if we only care about what directly threatens us, if we don’t care about the safety of another person to the same extent. Let’s just say that for decades hundreds of children have died of hunger every day in the world. “So many children’s souls complain to God every day about all people,” Nasufovic said.

He emphasized that he believes that “as fasting and believers” during Ramadan “we managed to purify our hearts from sin, that we ennobled our souls with beautiful desires, and our mind and reason with pure and good thoughts, which is the primary goal of fasting.”

He added that tomorrow’s Eid should be rejoiced by the one who succeeded in fasting, and that believers will receive a reward for all good deeds and “God willing, forgiveness of sins.”

“We ask the Almighty God to grant peace in the world and good health to every man. We ask Him to accept our fasting and our good deeds that we have done in His name, to forgive our sins and have mercy on the souls of our dead, to place His blessings on the souls of His messengers. and his beloved Muhammad, ‘alaihis-salam. Amen “, said Nasufović.

On behalf of the Riyaset of the Islamic Community of Serbia, its muftis and imams, Nusufović wished all Muslims in the homeland and the diaspora Bajram Sherif Mubarek Olsun.

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