EFE manipulates Zelenski’s speech in the Netherlands to include references against Philip II and Spain

The EFE Agency grossly manipulated the speech delivered last week in the Dutch Parliament by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, putting phrases in his mouth that he never said. What the public agency posted on EuroEFE’s Twitter profile was to imply that in his speech he had mentioned Philip IIto Spain and to the War of 80 years.

And anything farter from the reality. The association With Ukraine denounced in the same social network the “gross manipulation” of EuroEFE, linking to the full speech delivered by the Ukrainian president. What Zelensky actually said is “Why was the Netherlands founded? For freedom, democracy, religious diversity. Thus began the road to a united Europe“.

No trace of Felipe II or of Spain or of the 80-year War, so we do not know the intention of the Spanish public agency to include those references in the tweet. What the manipulated tweet from EFE did provoke is that Vox supporters asked for the veto of the intervention that this Tuesday is going to do in Congress of Deputies President Zelensky. Coincidence or provocation?


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